Multiple unpatched Windows holes crop up; Windows systems compromised within minutes in experiment

A recent ‘honeynet’ experiment showed that “unpatched Windows systems continue to be compromised more quickly, sometimes within minutes, the Honeynet Project report stated. Debbie Fry Wilson, director of product management for the security response centre at Microsoft, told ZDNet UK sister site CNET that the company’s latest operating system is more secure than the report suggests,” Robert Lemos reports for CNET News.

“‘While it is not clear which version of Windows was used during the study, we feel that a Windows XP SP2 configuration with the Windows firewall enabled is the most resilient client operating system available in the market and can withstand attack much longer,’ Wilson said. ‘We are pleased that the report indicates that two Windows-based honeynets in Brazil withstood attack for several months. However, we are not certain that the report provides conclusive data based on a controlled and scientific study comparing the two operating systems,'” Lemos reports. “Every Windows system compromised during the study had its security breached by a worm.” Full article here.

In related news…

“Antivirus company Symantec warned its customers about a number of critical holes in Microsoft’s Windows operating system, that surfaced late Thursday and that could make Windows systems vulnerable to compromise by remote attackers. The problems do not affect Apple’s Mac OS X operating system,” Paul Roberts reports for Macworld UK.

“Symantec acted after security researchers published the details of the heap overflow vulnerabilities in messages posted to online security news groups Thursday. The flaws affect most supported versions of Windows, but Microsoft has not yet issued a patch for the newly disclosed holes. Windows users are vulnerable to Internet based attacks until patches are issued, Symantec said,” Roberts reports. Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For our Windows-only friends, more information about smoothly adding a safe, secure, powerful, and fun Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal can be found here.

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  1. Every time I read MDN’s smug but helpful link to the apple website for those who use the windows machines, I can’ help but wonder how many windows only users actually come to this site and are the type that would be willing to switch.

  2. What a bummer it would be to get a windoze computer for Christmas:

    “Hackers Aim to Sabotage Holiday Computing

    Dec 24, 10:03 PM (ET)


    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) – Hackers, spammers and spies go into overdrive in December and January, when unsuspecting neophytes unwrap new computers, connect to the Internet, and, too often, get hit with viruses, spyware and other nefarious programs.

    “People want to get on the Net right away, just like they want to put together and start using any Christmas present,” said Tony Redmond, chief technology officer of Palo Alto, Calif.-based computer giant Hewlett-Packard Co., whose new PCs ship with 60 days of virus and adware protection. “They should be warned that the Net is a very, very dangerous place.”


    “Some experts wonder whether the computer has become the digital age equivalent of a puppy – an enthralling treasure on Christmas morning, but a sinkhole for time and energy for years after. At very least, computers are far more demanding than the typical holiday toy, which merely requires batteries.

    “At some point, people who receive them for Christmas often ask, ‘Is this computer a gift or a curse?'” Ross said. “

  3. “….and can withstand attack much longer….”

    uhhh … how much longer ??

    “….Every Windows system compromised during the study had its security breached by a worm..”

    uhhh…. until the next “worm du jour” happens along !! … (obviously)

    The thing that irritates me the most…. are the latest commercials for ISPs …. (AO-hell… Net-Zero … Netscape… et al.) … all promising
    the usual,…. spam-blockers, anti spyware… and COMPUTER virus protection…

    Isnt it time to call a spade… a spade ??

    Whenever you hear someone refer to it as a “computer” virus… politely correct them… and tell them,

    “Its not just a “computer” virus…. its a WinDoze virus… because…the only type of machine these viruses affect… are those which run WinDoze… !!

    Change their thinking on this one topic, and you may get them to begin to …..”Think Differently” ….

  4. “a Windows XP SP2 configuration with the Windows firewall enabled is the most resilient client operating system available in the market”

    bwaaahaaahaaa – that is hysterical! Her statement had to be issued via a PR release because no one could have possibly said that and kept a straight face. Unless by “resilient” she means you can keep installing and reinstalling over and over and over.

  5. You might say, hey, that’s not fair, it’s an “unpatched Windows system!”

    Unwrap a Mac Christmas morning and plug IT in umpatched to the internet (as a LOT of Mac & Windows users will be doing this morning) and see what happens.
    True plug-n-play!

    Merry Christmas guys! (oh, and MacBeth too!)

  6. from article:
    we feel that a Windows XP SP2 configuration with the Windows firewall enabled is the most resilient client operating system available in the market

    What a load of rat turds. Mac OS X is clearly, definably, and demonstrably safer than any Windows system, including Win XP SP2. It may be more difficult for XP2 to get certain internet worms, but it’s still susceptible to loads of viruses, trojan horses, and what about spyware, adware, bloatware and all manner of so called “crapware” along with problems with pop-up windows, etc, etc…

    Sitting untouched in a controlled lab experiment is a far cry from actual use by a human being which can add a variety of additional security concerns.

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