Apple’s iPod Trojan Horse is working to bring Windows users to Macintosh platform

“Apple stock is hitting it highest levels of the young century this week, spurred on by sales of its iPod music player. According to analysts, Apple will sell more than 4 million units in the fourth quarter. The music player market is hot and likely to remain so until 2007 which means Apple has plenty of good quarters ahead. Even better for the company, analyst Steve Milunovich of Merrill Lynch now says that he believes sales of the iPod are going to drive increases in computer sales, as new customers become accustomed to the Apple brand for the first time. As was predicted several years ago, the iPod has become Apple’s Trojan Horse, introducing Windows users who previously would not consider a Mac to the Apple user experience,” Transcend Strategy Group writes. “Non-Mac users who have a positive experience with iTunes are more likely to try an iPod or even a Macintosh computer product.”

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  1. It’s about time! It’s realy happening this time, folks. Make stuff so cool that people can’t help but love it; it becomes an extension of self.

    It’s nice to see quality, dedication, and attention to art, science, and detail pay off once in a while.

  2. Bought my brother an iPod before he shipped off to Iraq. He’s home now, and bought himself a nice g5 imac for christmas. He would never have considered it if it hadn’t been for the good experience with the iPod.

  3. Stock price is off its high ’cause it really has gone up too fast. Slow increases in share price are better. Many people took advantage and sold their shares… that’s the name of the game, sell when it reaches a high, buy when it goes down. Supply issues of iPods are bogus in the overall scheme of things. Prices of stock don’t go down when a company is selling out a product. It would go down if they over produced and were stuck with a million or more iPods and unable to sell them.
    Credit Suisse says Apple will sell nearly 5 million this quarter, about a million more than previously predicted… not by Apple I might add. Apple has pretty much effectively increased the supply of iPods by adding additional manufacturers.

  4. it’s really happening? eh.. careful.. this is just some dork predicting stuff.. an analyst late to the game saying what has already taken place might keep taking place…

    we all know steve’s Apple store numbers..

    All I was gonna say was… “Don’t tell Paul…his favorite three words this Christmas are ONE POINT SEVEN”

  5. * All I was gonna say was… “Don’t tell Paul…his favorite three words this Christmas are ONE POINT SEVEN” *

    I tend not to take Paul Thurrott’s journalism to heart. I still read it, but just for entertainment. He’s kind of a jester! All he does is take the stereotypical segments of Apple and tries to act like he has some sort of knowledge of journalism based on those stereotypes. He doesn’t actually give us information.

    What he lacks is reality. The reality is that the iPod is amazing (and he’s admitted this… slowly). What he doesn’t realize (or doesn’t want to admit) is that Apple puts just as much, or even more care and consideration into their computers as well. He throws around the marketshare myth to make it seem like Apple is dying. Now, when Apple had a 3% marketshare a couple of years ago (or whatever), were they selling as many computers as they are now? Of course not! Apple is selling more computers now than it has in years! And at an incredible rate.

    Paul just wants to make sure what he says in the past is still true. Obviously, it isn’t. It’s OK Paul! You can admit you were wrong! You’re wrong already (and you know it; be realistic), and you’re still able to write…

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