Apple Computer subpoenas three Mac enthusiast sites to turn over information about product leaks

“Apple Computer is seeking to force three Mac enthusiast sites to turn over information about who leaked details on a forthcoming music product. Apple last week was granted the right to subpoena, Apple Insider and Think Secret, forcing the sites to turn over all documents related to an unreleased product code named ‘Asteroid’ and ‘Q97,'” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

“In November, Apple Insider and reported that Apple was developing what’s known in the music industry as a breakout box–a device for connecting musical instruments and other analog audio sources to a computer,” Fried reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The weather outside is frightful… But the law is so delightful… And since they’ve told about Asteroid… Let us sue, let us sue, let us sue…

This is gonna dry up the rumor sites faster than the Phoenix sun shining on a puddle.

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  1. Sounds like Asteroid is for real. I guess that ends the speculation on that rendering of the flash based iPod though. they don’t seem to care about that, although the day ain’t over!

  2. Hmmm – The company states: “Apple’s DNA is innovation”. Surely that should read “Apple’s NDA…” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. The rumor sites suck anyway. They haven’t gotten much of anything right in 2-3 years now anyway. Even worse than that is the aftermath when all of the whiners bitch about why the $99 flash iPods weren’t announced at MacWorld like all of the rumor sites had wrongly predicted beforehand.

  4. I’d argue that the mystique Apple has been building for so many years has a value that would be difficult to put into monetary terms. It creates interest in upcoming products which results in reams of free advertising. If they suddenly decided to start talking about future products I think many people would quit paying attention. It’s almost as important to the company as their innovation is.

  5. I don’t understand what the issue is. Apple isn’t suing the rumor sites. It is suing some people who apparently violated their NDAs. Isn’t breach of contract a legitimate problem?

    Here’s a fair analogy. Suppose one of your housecleaners breaks into your house over the weekend and steals your stereo. Then he brags about it on some web site called, and he uploads pictures of your stereo, and of your living room. You’re mad, right? You’ll probably hire a lawyer to try to get your stereo back (and get those pictures off of the web site). And if that means handing a subpoena to the to try to identify the thief, you’ll do that too.

    Hope this helps clarify the situation.

  6. I don’t understand just what Apple hopes to force out of the rumour sites. If Joe MacRumour is sitting in Starbucks, and someone keen on violating their NDA comes up and spill the beans, surely it is within Joe MacRumour’s rights to tell what he heard on his website. It would also be quite reasonable (and maybe even truthful) for Joe MacRumour to tell anyone who asks (an Apple lawyer, or a judge, for example) that he doesn’t know who it was that spilled the beans, or doesn’t remember. Just some guy in Starbucks.

    Or is there more to US law than I think?


  7. guys, guys, guys,

    Apple is a big company, it does big comapny things like laying off workers and offshoring its manufacturing, so it can pay 20c/hr to make thier stuff. They get their lawyers ontop people, and sue them and stuff.

    Just because Apple make (er design) cool stuff, it doesn’t make them the good guys. Neither are they good guys because they are not Microsoft.

    One should not make the mistake of confusing a good philosophy toward product development with being ethical.

  8. Think this is coincidence that the is coming down the pipe lest than 3 weeks before MWSF? Think not. Rumour sites are going to be sitting scared to publish or propagate any rumours in light of this.

    I guess we have to just idly speculate own our own…..

  9. I don’t get people sometimes. Everyone bitches and moans about how Microsoft steals from Apple, and then when Apple tries to protect itself from theft, everyone bitches and moans about how bad Apple is.

    Apple is not sueing the websites, they are simply demanding that they reveal whoever gave them the information. Like Sum Yung Gai said, if someone stole from you, you’d want to know who did it. Apple are simply acting within the law and they have the right to protect themselves.

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