The Independent: Apple’s iMac G5 ‘the ultimate computer for the home office’

“Perhaps the ultimate computer for the home office is Apple’s latest iMac, the G5. The company has acquired a reputation for clever designs with its iMac line, and the latest model is no exception. Hardly bigger than a flat-panel display, the machine manages to pack in wireless networking, a fast processor, a DVD writer and up to 160GB of hard disk space,” Stephen Pritchard writes for The Independent. “The machine comes in two models, 17 and 20 inches. At £1,349 including VAT, the 20-inch version is particularly good value, as LCD screens that size do not come cheap even without a computer built in.”

“Apple also offers probably the best suite of home media applications on the market, and these, along with AppleWorks office software, are included free. The iLife bundle — DVD editing, video editing, photo managing and editing, music making and Apple’s iTunes jukebox – comes with the iMac. And there is even an optical digital output to connect to a home cinema amplifier, so the machine should earn its keep after office hours too,” Pritchard writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Know a Windows user teetering on the edge? Send them the link to this MacDailyNews article so they can read this and the related articles below. No personal computer on the market today, or perhaps ever, has received reviews like Apple’s iMac G5.

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  1. most Windoze lemmings will probably see this as all hype…..

    I showed a few hard core Billy Gates followers articles here… and they just replied…

    “Well, what would expect a website called (MDN) feature??… articles extolling the virtues of Windows ??”

    To which I reply with my standard…

    “…. uhhhh are they any ??… “

  2. My little sister the technophobe finally got her iBook. I talked her through setting it up on the phone (she said her hands were shaking) and had her download some pics from her digital camera that she got for christmas two years ago and had never used. She then set up a slide show and showed her husband when he got home and he was totally floored that she was able to do so much so quickly. Now she is determined to learn how to do one new thing everyday and is having a blast. We set her up for an iChat AV video conference today and so I should be able to lead her through some things more economically now (no int’l phone charges).

    The thing is that in-between her setting up and our vid chat she had been busy and had figured out the address book and iCal and had set up iCal schedules for her whole family (color coded of course). I had told her to just use the help menu and she should be able to figure it out and she took that and ran with it so I don’t know how much she is really going to need me. That’s the beauty of the Mac – intuitive and simple. Here is a user who did not even know click and drag now going full boat into what would be power user applications on windows. She is no longer scared and I can tell she is going to be a major Mac Advocate.

    And THIS kind of experience is why I recommend the Mac. It really makes you feel good to have turned someone on the best computing experience available and to have them get so excited about it.

  3. dudette….

    Thanx for the link…. I must say, tho…. this is a perfect example of the type of WinDoze people I’ve run across…

    We hear, in these forums, about Mac Heads being successful in “switching” some PeeCeers over to the Mac…. While, I applaud their efforts, and their successes… I fear their numbers are just a drop in the bucket when compared to the vast majority illustrated in the article you refer to…

    <*sigh*> “…. A long, long way to go before we sleep…”

  4. Jack A: You could have done the same thing on a Windows PC – checked photos from digital camera, etc. Sounds like your sister just needed someone to show her how to do it – no matter what the computer.

    I showed my father how to get his digital photos on both mac and pc (he has both/me too)and work with them. He had just as many problems getting it done on both platforms.
    His biggest problem with both was locating the photos he wanted to work with. (He could not wrap his head around the concept that of files and folders.)
    Once in the program (Adobe Photoshop Album) the program worked both the same on either Mac or PC.

  5. “…the program worked both the same on either Mac or PC.”

    Sure, individual programs work on the PC. But they work *better* on the Mac (e.g. even PC mags admitted that the Mac version of Office was better than the PC version). Moreover, the entire environment (i.e. the OS) is cleaner, easier to organize, and far less of a hassle. Add to that an absence of the usual crashes, retries, cryptic problems, and malware, and the superiority of the Mac becomes clear. Perhaps you should actually read some of the articles posted above. Remember, this was the same press that 5 years ago called Apple “beleaguered” if they acknowledged them at all…

  6. Ashami says: “…crashes, retries, cryptic problems, and malware”

    I (my business and family) own both Macs (3) and PCs (5 of them). We have no crashes, retries, cryptic problems, and malware with either Macs or PCs.

    I don�t need to read articles about how computers work, I work with Macs and PCs everyday.

  7. While the PC may be a bit awkward in the way it is organized compared to the Mac, once it is understood it is not anything I notice. (But then PC users think the Mac is a bit awkward at first.)

    When I am in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or Flash in either PC or Mac and I click “Open” both find files exactly the same way and open them both the same.
    Once I am in the program I want to work with the OS makes no difference to me.

    I wrote my first message (above) on a Mac. This one on a PC. Notice any difference?

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