Report: iPod, iBook, iMac G5, Power Mac G5 supplies constrained in UK

“Apple is selling out of iPods across the world, not just in the US, and many Mac models are also seeing constraint, multiple sources have explained. In the UK, multiple industry sources have this morning confirmed the product’s running scarce, ‘we have been selling vast amounts of the whole range,’ one explained,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“Readers who have recently purchased dual 2.5GHz G5 Power Macs said they have now been told they’ll have to wait up to two months for their new Mac to ship. The delay on this product remains universal: ‘The G5 dual 2.5GHz is now flagged as six weeks,’ a reseller confirmed. They are in deep trouble still on this product,” Evans reports. “Another described the product as ‘unobtainable.'”

“Macworld Expo begins January 11, and the focus is on Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote speech on January 12. The Mac world awaits this moment, and build times for all Apple products have climbed to three weeks, a reseller said. ‘All Apple products (apart from Xserve and Xserve RAID) have now been flagged as being on a three-week build time, taking us well into the new year before any more product is likely to ship,'” Evans reports.

“iMacs and iBooks continue to sell well in the UK. While iBook stock is scarce, the existing backlog on 20-inch iMac G5s should ‘clear by Christmas.’ 14-inch iBooks are ‘thin on the ground.’ Apple’s SuperDrive-equipped eMacs and 17-inch PowerBooks are also out of stock to channel, a source claimed,” Evans reports.

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  1. This is wholey unacceptable. Apple did this before when they had NO IMAC during the most recent back-to-school shopping bonzana. If you are a business looking to buy some computers before the end of the quarter, you are crap out of luck with apple. If you are a customer looking to get a christmas present, go look at dell.

    Supply is my one HUGE pet peeve with apple. They can innovate up the whazoo and make a ton of fancy gadgets, but they can’t do the basics like managing the supply line. Steve Jobs should be b*tch-slapped by every customer waiting more than 2 weeks for a product.

  2. An upsaide to the whole thing though is that generally, if someone has decided to get an Apple, they’ve decided to get an Apple. There is no alternative, so having to wait is annoying, but pretty unlikely to lead them to turn away. If you’re hunting for a Toshiba or an HP and get one, you can turn to Dell.

    It’s a weird position to be in for sure. Should they have anough stock? Yes– but this might not be as bad as it seems on first inspection.

  3. “…wait up to two months for their new Mac to ship”

    This is disgusting, appalling, unacceptable and any other negative adjective you want to add.

    Steve – get your head out of the iPod and get the computer business in order!!!!

  4. Forecasting supply and demand is not an exact science and is based on what you *think* will sell and how fast. It is a guessign game. Last I knew, no one makes a crystal ball that works. People bitch because stock is running low, likewise people bitch if a product doesn’t sell and there are tons of it on the shelf. It’s a lose-lose situation in trying to make everyone happy. Get over it.

    Christmas is 8 days away. Not running low on stock of items that have been flying off the shleves for months until now is pretty darn good. No one expected the sales to ramp like they have that fast. Apple is a stickler for quality and as a result won’t spit out junk just to fill the shelves. If it takes a little longer to produce a quality product up to Apple’s standards, then so be it. It is well worth the wait.

  5. Man some people take the shortage as a personnel plot aginst them. Get as mad as you want, it won’t do you one bit of good. Relax before you blow gasket. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  6. the forecasting issue is irrelevant here. Apple would like to get their computers/ipods into everyones hands. they were not thinking of numbers, they knew they were going to be hard pressed to get the products out the door. Why do you think that there is not one commercial of the new iMac? They don’t know if they have enough for the regular mac community yet, they want to level it out, before they start advertising.

    Apple has always had this problem, and it’s really bad for them. I just got my dual 2.5 G5 2 days ago. I waited 2 1/2 months for it…

  7. Oh no! Now I just found out my Dr. Who Tardis Xmas ornimate is on back order as well!!!! Can’t these people make enough products to support al of America as well!!!!????!???

  8. Hmmm…. I just found out the BCS (British Computer Society) Doesn’t consider the Macintosh a viable platform and doesn’t even offer a “European Computer Driving License” for it!

  9. Ripped One-

    As you know, or ought to know, IBM has been tardy supplying the needed CPUs for all G5’s, especially the 2.5 GHz ones.

    If criticism ought to go anywhere, it should land at IBM’s feet.

    By the way, we ordered a Dual 2.5 in July, were told we wouldn’t get it from Apple until late October, so went to the Apple Store at Willow Bend Mall (near Dallas) and got one within ten days. Believe me, it is worth the wait! It crunches through video like a chainsaw through Spam (the meat, not the other kind).

    508th Man

  10. Sorry, but two months delay is totally unacceptable. It’s a PC, not a supercomputer requiring specialised parts!

    Any other product and you’d be looking at the competition, especially if you were looking for a Christmas present this late in the game. They are lucky that people stick with them – if their product sucked many certainly wouldn’t bother.

    Besides, it’s tech – in two months, everything will have changed! (gross exaggeration of course) And what if you get your new computer and two weeks later they announce newer, faster ones? How annoyed would you be coz you’ve just waited 2 months for the “old” model. I don’t think you would be too happy.

    It is a double edged sword, but they’ve been in the game long enough surely to know the trends.

  11. if apple made the g5 chips then we can blame apple for the delays, but we all know even IBM the maker of the chips said it, they have problems making the chips!! if there were a freaking abundance of chips why would apple keep them locked up?? i mean Apple is a company, they all trying to make money!

  12. Thelonius:

    IMHO, the British Computer Society is a refuge for socially deficient types with a penchant for synthetic fibres and a shortfall in any sort of vision or imagination.

    Consider the following: there will be lots of UK Government IT types who have become members of the BCS, and as many who have become fully “qualified” exponents of the Prince project management methodology – and yet the UK government’s record on IT projects is so absurdly woeful that one is hardly surprised by the tales of incompetence anymore.

  13. I think that Apple did their very best to get enough stock delivered for Christmas.
    IBM icreased their supply of CPU’s considerably, but it still wasn’t enough.
    This means that demand has again been unexpectedly high.
    This is good news.

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