OWC and NewerTech intro new AC Power Adapter for iBook G3, iBook G4, PowerBook G4

Other World Computing (OWC) and Newer Technology, Inc. today introduced the NewerTech AC Power Adapter. Available online for $49.95, the 65-Watt, 100~240-volt, 50/60-Hertz auto-switching NewerTech adapter is compatible with all Apple iBook G3, iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 laptop computers. Unlike some other third-party adapters currently on the market, the NewerTech adapter provides constant wattage output to specifications that meet or exceed Apple’s own adapters.

“The high standards we hold our NewerTech adapters to ensure that operation will be safe and reliable for your precious iBook or PowerBook computer,” said Larry O’Connor, president of OWC in the press release. “The NewerTech product also provides proper charging of the main internal battery even while the computer is being used, which is surprisingly something that not all AC adapters do.”

As with all NewerTech products, including its high-capacity PowerBook and iBook batteries, the NewerTech adapter is built not just to perform, but also to last. It comes standard with a three-year NewerTech warranty.

“The truth of the matter is that not all AC adapters and laptop batteries are created equal, and the NewerTech brand tops them all,” O’Connor said in the press release. “Our NewerTech products are manufactured using only the highest-quality parts, rigorously tested and are intended to last longer than any other similar product. You can’t go wrong filling your portable computing power needs with NewerTech solutions.”

The NewerTech AC Adapter is available online at http://www.macsales.com/NewerAC or your favorite retailer. A full line of high-capacity batteries from NewerTech for many Apple iPod, Apple iBook and Apple PowerBook models is also available through OWC at http://www.macsales.com/batteries . Additional information can be found via the Web site or by e-mailing sales@macsales.com .


  1. “$20 savings ain’t bad.”

    Yeah, but isn’t $20 worth it for the more convenient design of the Apple adapter? If you are taking the adapter with you on the road, I’d pay the extra for the Apple original part, if it’s to leave at home while you leave the Apple original in your carry bag to take with you, it’s a good alternative. I personally love the built-in flip out plug and cable management clips on the Apple original. The Newer adapter is basically a beige version of what comes with most crappy Wintel notebooks.

  2. Apple’s power adapter is a disgrace of design. The wire is engineered to sever itself from the charger unit after less than 200 foldings. Why could they not make it in two pieces so that you can replace the cable alone and not have to throw away a perfectly good transformer. Shame on you Apple.

  3. I completely agree with DBS. I had to replace 3[!] Powerbook adapters over the past 4/5 years because of the wire coming loose …
    Too bad for Apple as well – once happened just within warranty.

  4. What i *really* want is an iBook external battery *charger*. We used to have one for our Duos, and it was really convenient to just be able to grab a fully-charged spare battery from the charger (replacing it with a spent battery), then be able swap batteries on the fly when one got low enough to start yelling about it. ‘Course, it helped that Duos had some *major* capacitors that allowed hot-swapping of the batteries without requiring a power adapter be connected.

    We each have one spare ibook battery, but there are two problems with the ‘spare battery’ concept with iBooks:
    1. In order to make sure that the spare is charged, you need to install it in the iBook; so in order to be sure you have fully charged spares you actually need to figure out a rhythm of charging/use that will not leave you with a spent spare and half-charged main. i leave my iBook charging all night, then swap batteries in the morning so that the fully-charged battery becomes my spare.
    2. You can’t change batteries on-the-fly. You either need to plug in to AC so you can swap the battery without shutting down – in which case, why swap? – or you need to shut down, swap batteries, then restart – which then uses a chunk of charge just to get back to where you were.

    i can deal with the lack of internal config battery. But this situation above drives me barmy sometimes!

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