Apple Computer products top PC Magazine’s annual ‘Best of the Year’ survey

“Apple has scored highly in PC Magazine’s reliability and service survey. The company came out on top with better than average reliability for the iPod, and better than average reliability for its notebooks and desktops,’ Macworld UK reports.

“Apple was the only company considered to be better than average in the audio player category… Apple shared the better than average rating in the desktops category with ABS, Alienware, eMachines and Medion… In the notebook category Apple and eMachines received a better than average score,” Macworld UK reports.

Full article here.

PC Magazine’s “Best of the Year 2004” survey here.


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  2. Time to change the name of that Magazine, maybe? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> man they love apple.. they must just look at the stock price and say.. er.. we have no choice..we’ll look stupid if we don’t pick Apple

  3. Stewie….

    no one reads the first post anyhoo….especially when they contain the words “First Post” …

    Lois…. LMAO !!

    Back to the topic….

    Can we thank the “rabid Mac Heads” for flocking to their survey en masse ??

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  4. On the other hand, PC Mag also lists the eMac as one of the Ten to Avoid�The Worst Products of the Year:
    “Desktop PC: For Apple, the entry-level eMac really does represent Think Different. That’s because for a company that prides itself on quality, this computer is different. As in bad. On the plus side, it’s stylish. On the downside, it’s slow, underpowered, and pathetic. The 40GB hard drive will fill up quickly, the lack of a DVD burner makes offloading files impossible, and the Radeon 9200 graphics card won’t even run this fall’s hot Mac games. And at around $800, this eMac ain’t cheap. If you’re considering a home Apple, think different. Buy a Dell. Or be prepared to spend a lot more for an acceptable Apple computer. Our Desktop Product Guide can lead you to the best Apples, along with the best of the rest.”,1759,1735287,00.asp

  5. Wow, the eMac review was harsh. I think the eMac is perfectly suited to it’s market: schools and basic computing. My 12 year old son has an old 700mhz eMac in his room. It’s hummed along perfectly since day one. The best part is that it’s never choked on malware so his homework is always on time.

  6. me, I agree with you.

    The eMac is *perfectly* suited for ‘schools and basic computing’.

    All of the gripes listed were things that school students don’t *need*. Schools don’t need CD/DVD burners, a 300GB hard-drive, or a 3 Mhz processor. Pro users do.

    And games??? Why the hell would schools worry about having a computer that’s fast enough to play games? The kids are at school to LEARN and STUDY. Not play games!

    I think that PC Mags’ gripes about the eMac are absolutely ludicrous. They are not thinking about ‘the market’ for this machine; they are only thinking about how it would perform on *their* desktop, running the kind of apps *they* would have on it.

    Putting a supercharged eMac (with a CD/DVD burner, a 300GB hard-drive, and a 3 Mhz processor)into a school would be similar to hunting dove with a rocket launcher. Overkill.

  7. “me” and “fandango”,

    Right on! My 12 year old has a 1.25GHz eMac that we spent $1000. for the SuperDrive version — he works on his school projects via Office:mac (sorry!), plays his games, runs the iLife suite of apps (I’ve used it also as an extra machine to burn home DVD’s of my 3 kids’ sports and music activities via iLife so as to not tie up my desktop computer) — it’s been working flawlessly; I expect it should last him at least another 2-3 years (we may have to add an external firewire HD at some point) but for his use requirements, I can’t imagine finding a Wintel box for the same price to perform the same or better than the eMac!

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