The Age: ‘Apple’s Mac OS X at least a generation ahead of Windows XP, iMac G5 clearly the best’

“Much has been made of [the] new iMac G5’s family resemblance to the iPod. Yes, it is white, minimalist, with a rectangular elegance that, even after a week’s engagement continues to impress me,” Garry Barker writes for The Age.

“Walt Mossberg, of the Wall Street Journal and doyen of US technology writers, called it ‘the most elegant desktop computer I have ever used, a computer that is not only uncommonly beautiful but fast and powerful, virus-free and surprisingly affordable,'” Barker writes.

“The design and engineering are impressive. No more a bulky CPU. Everything, from the two drives to the internal digital speakers is contained in the crystalline white panel surrounding the screen… Using a VESA mount, the G5 can be hung on a wall and the tangle of cables removed by using a wireless keyboard and mouse, Airport Extreme and some Airport Express units. My Canon i950 printer operates flawlessly through Apple’s Rendezvous networking software and an Airport Express. So, too, iTunes and my powered speakers,” Barker writes.

“This third-generation iMac is clearly the best yet. Jonathan Ive’s clean design sets it far above the tediousness of Windows boxes and Apple’s Mac OS X operating system is arguably at least a generation ahead of Windows XP,” Barker writes. “As we now expect from Apple, everything works and is logical and friendly. Like all Macs, the new G5 is a pleasure to be with; comfortable to use and fun, even for work. Oh yes, and in 10 days, during which time the machine was never switched off, and while I made a movie, created and burned a DVD project, played games, wrote stories, played music, Photoshopped images and surfed the net, there was not one flicker of a problem.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Imagine you’re a Windows-only personal computer user. After your shudders subside, can you imagine what you’d think after reading this article? Would you be able to believe it? Would you simply dismiss it out of hand? What would you think?


  1. re: MDN take: My father in law did all those things, even while we stood in front of one at the Woodfield Apple Store. He doubted as we walked out with his new computer. He doubted as we set it up. It is now 3 weeks later, and he is the proud owner of his “Best Christmas Present Ever.”

  2. just ordered my 12″ powerbook. yeah yeah, i know, new ones will be out in january…i don’t really care. if it saves me the hastle of windows now, then i think its worth it. anyways, the first generation pb g5’s will be buggy.

    i can’t wait to throw my wintel notebook off a building…just kidding, its going on ebay…hmmm, anyone want an windows notebook…didn’t think so!

    can’t wait to be a part of the great mac community.

  3. So on the one hand, OS X Panther is a generation ahead of Windows XP, but on the other hand, Thurrot is claiming that OS X Tiger is ripping off Windows Longhorn – neither of which are shipping.

    I think it’s the MSFT apologista who really are the ones squirming – how to present their FUD bile in the face of the increasingly obvious fact of the Macs simple superiority.

  4. yeah yeah… we know…..

    They called it WinDoze 2000 … we called it Mac OS 8….. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    And in other news….

    With the success of the Apple “U2-iPod” … other “artists” are scrambling to release a “signature” iPod of their own..

    Some of the latest ones announced can be found


  5. It’s really nice to see a journalist not only comment on how great the box looks, but also give much deserved props to OS X which is really the main reason we all love our Macs so much anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Apple makes the best looking hardware out there, but would you love it as much as you do if it ran Windows? I know I wouldn’t. Sometimes I wish they’d come out with a beige box again, just so the OS would get the attention it deserves.

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