Apple CEO Steve Jobs has resurrected Apple and made the company relevant again

“On Oct. 26, the California Theatre in San Jose played to a packed house after recently undergoing a $75 million renovation to restore its 77-year-old art-deco splendor. Rows near the stage were set aside for VIPs. A warm murmuring like that often heard before an opera season’s opening night rose from the 1,100 seats. The man everyone was there to see was no less an icon, and represented no less a resurrection than the theater itself: Apple Computer Chief Executive Steve Jobs,” Rex Crum writes for CBS MarketWatch.

“As he took the stage, Jobs had many reasons to be upbeat. In the past year, his company cemented its hammerlock on the digital-music player market with the iPod and the iTunes online music store,” Crum writes. “Jobs had also taken the iPod design and used it as a blueprint for the redesigned iMac, making the computer a broader-use machine.”

MacDailyNews Take: The iMac G5 is somehow “a broader-use machine” than the iMac G4? Don’t ask us, we have no idea what he’s talking about.

Crum writes, “Never one to shy away from promoting his success, Jobs boasted that Apple shipped 2.7 million iPods in its most-recent quarter and that, according to NPD Techworld, iPod sales made up about 66 percent of the entire digital-music player market. He then unveiled the new iPod Photo, which can hold up to 25,000 digital photographs and 15,000 songs, and welcomed Bono and The Edge of the rock band U2 onstage to promote a special red-and-black colored U2 iPod.”

Crum writes, “Describing Jobs without resorting to hyperbole is almost as difficult as getting Apple’s Macintosh faithful to switch to PCs… His vision has been as admired as it has been constantly questioned. He has been called stubborn, arrogant, charming and brilliant. Not everything he has tried at Apple has worked, but he has scored enough successes to vindicate his ideals for the company he co-founded with Steve Wozniak almost 30 years ago. Jobs declined to be interviewed for this profile, even after his handlers were informed he was a finalist for MarketWatch’s CEO of the Year award.”

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  1. “Jobs declined to be interviewed for this profile, even after his handlers were informed he was a finalist for MarketWatch’s CEO of the Year award”
    Couldn’t bait him, could you? Haha! Give the award to Rob Glaser. He’ll give you an interview. Come to think of it, don’t give him the award. He’ll give you the interview anyway.

  2. If anyone knows how I can contact CBS Marketwatch, I would be more than happy to sit down with them. After I finish off my box of Krispy Kremes, I have nothing else on my schedule today…

    or tomorrow…

    …seriously, I need to talk to SOMEBODY in the media! I’m a very important CEO, and I won’t be ignored like this!!!

    Alright, if anyone needs me, don’t try to call. I ‘forgot’ to pay the phone bill here for the last 6 months, so right now I’m at the public library using their internet access. CBS, PLEEEEZE RESPOND TO MY EMAILS!!! AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!

  3. I look at it this way, I turn over a Mac every several years.

    If Steve Jobs goes to heaven or something in the meanwhile and the company dies, then I’ll have to get a horrible PC.

    In the meanwhile I’m going to to enjoy this fine computer as long as possible.

    I had that additude for 21 years and the company hasn’t gone yet!

    Screw Market share! IBM PC is dead, Compaq is dead, Gateway is dead, Apple remains!!


  4. I also forgot to mention that I look damn good in a speedo. Thats right, you heard me.

    People also seem to forget about Pixar… yeah… I had a life outside of apple once. You know that incredible movie, you know, “the Incredibles?” yeah…. I’m behind that.

    Not Rob Glaser nor Bill Gates are indirectly behind brilliant movies like that, and they DON”T look good in a speedo. I repeate, they DON’T look good in a speedo.

  5. Although I am flattered, I am kindly asking for people to stop submitting my email address under this forged pretense.

    I truly do not want to be notified to these follow-up comments.

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