Apple’s iPod photo lets owners stand out from the crowd with vibrant color screen

“What happens when every other guy on the train has an iPod? Where’s the cool factor when everyone is equally cool? Let me tell you the secret to separating yourself from the masses – get an even more expensive iPod. How about this season’s most expensive portable music player – the $1,088 [Singabucks] 60GB iPod Photo? To cut the long story short, the iPod Photo has all the winning qualities of the iPod and more,” The Electric New Paper writes.

“The Click Wheel is still the champion of interfaces, the sound quality is still astounding and the white porcelain-like surface still scratches too easily, which means you need to buy a protective cover. The iPod Photo is just 4mm thicker than the 20GB iPod but possesses the same sexy curves that have yet to be challenged by other manufacturers,” The Electric New Paper writes. “The battery life is also very good – I clocked in 14 hours 51 min during a long day at work, just a little shy of the rated 15-hour music playback battery life. The major difference from the iPod is that the iPod Photo comes with a 65,000 colour screen, rather than a monochrome one. Apple added that to let you show off colour photos and despite my initial scepticism, it really works great.”

“Now the question you will ask me is – is it really necessary to have a photo-viewing iPod? Personally, I love showing off photos of my kid on my Palm PDA, so the iPod Photo is even better because of the huge storage space. My current 10GB library of digital images will not even push the player’s storage capacity to its limit, especially after compression,” The Electric New Paper writes. “To Apple’s credit, no other portable ‘show-off-your-pics’ device works as fast or as intuitively as the iPod Photo. And of course, the minute people see your iPod’s colour screen, they will know you are not just carrying ANY iPod. If you think one grand is too much to pay, you can also pop for the 40GB iPod Photo at $888 [Singabucks]. Any downsides? Apart from the perennial issue of having to buy expensive accessories for features like FM tuner and voice recording as well as the lack of a Singapore iTunes music store, I think the iPod Photo rocks,” The Electric New Paper writes.

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  1. Hey mac dood, the internet is an international thing. Do you expect someone from the USA to mention that they are from the USA everytime they write an article where they mention the price of something?

    I don’t know what you’re smoking because I thought it was clear as day from the article that the guy was talking about Singapore.

  2. Asher
    To refer to Singapore currency as Singabucks is disingenuous. MDN should be more courteous. No wonder we have problems in foreign relations. Singapore is a nice place.

    No offense intended directly at you, Asher, but this attitude that we need to walk on egg shells when we talk to people for fear of “offending” them is really getting old and is itself offensive. There’s no way to keep everyone happy, and some people spend all day looking for ways to be offended and upset. Unless you believe that MDN meant insult to Singapore by using that term, then lay off.

    The American Dollar, is called by many, many, many names, including US dollar, greenback, benjamins, dead presidents, to name a few…

    I don’t doubt that Singapore is a nice place, I would love to visit sometime. I would not assume that someone calling the currency of Singapore as “Singabucks” is evidence that we necessarily have poor relations with that country. Don’t over react.

  3. Just a thought�if you are going to the expense of buying an iPod photo, aren’t the odds pretty good that you’ve got a recent Mac that came with iPhoto ( or already own iLife ); or are a windows user and it makes a good incentive to get a Mac? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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