Fortune: Apple’s iMac G5 ‘Best Product of the Year: Electronics – an engineering marvel’

In Fortune’s, “DESIGN 2004, Best Products of the Year: Electronics” category, Apple iMac G5 is described as “an engineering marvel, the new iMac tucks the computer and speakers inside the expansive flat-panel display – ‘an advance as welcome as the day that VCR/DVD players were encased in the TV monitor box,’ says Thompson. Built-in wireless technology lets you use a cable-free keyboard and mouse.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iMac G5 really is an outstanding personal computer, one of Apple’s top efforts in the company’s history. If you haven’t seen one “in the flesh,” you haven’t seen one. Photos don’t do it justice and the price seems too low for what you’re getting. Reminder: if you’re getting one, you’ll want more RAM than the base 256MB. MDN recommends 1GB minimum for utter bliss. You can get it from Apple (if money is no object) or try our sponsor, Other World Computing, here:


  1. I’m reading this from an iMac bluetooth 1.8. It is a great machine I bought for my wife (a PC user) and we’ve added virtual pc. This gives her the versatility she needs and now no viruses (which drove her to the Mac).

  2. boy, Jonathan Ive must be getting sooooo sick of hearing how ‘Insanely Great’ his design is on the iMac G5… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Apple doesn’t need to pay for advertising when their products are getting this kind of free press!!

  3. We started up a new graphics business a month ago and bought 4 17″ 1.6Ghz iMac G5’s.

    One word – AMAZING!

    MDN is right, if you haven’t seen one in the flesh you haven’t seen one. MacUser (UK) said the speed of the machine was a letdown. That’s true if you leave it with 256MB of RAM, but once you bump it up to 1GB (which we did) they absolutely fly. Things happen almost instantly, the machines boot up in less than 1 minute and Photoshop is simply awesome.

  4. Oh yeh, I was amazed how easily accessible the inside was. Loosen two philips screws and the entire back comes off, enabling you to access everything that makes the iMac what it is.

    I’d love a 3rd party to start manufacturing transparent rear covers for the iMac G5. I’d buy one definitly.

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  5. Also in the seven listed products are a Bose system for iPod and a Nokia phone that doesn’t have buttons, instead it has an iPod like scroll wheel for dialing.

    Three out of seven for Apple (‘s design influence).

  6. My wife wanted one (I wanted a dual G5), but we got the 20″ model and maxed it out with wireless everything, 2Gb RAM and a 250Gb HDD. It’s very impressive. Screen is bright too, which makes it easier to read (my eyes are getting *really* bad.) Still, it’s not totally “wireless” – iSight, iPod and still/video cameras all still have cables (lousy cheap buggars – get with the program guys! hehe)

    Wifes away on business most of the time, so I’ve been able to play a bit. It is fast, and I’ve even run a version of Windows NT (yea, I know) via Virtual PC and it’s faster than my old work PC notebook (which I think was 266Mhz?) Most smaller Mac apps launch almost instantly. iPhoto isn’t all that fast with 3.2Mb images in the “edit” view – taking a few seconds to move between images (due to rescaling). It’s very quiet though – the refridgerator makes more noise and it’s much further away. Using temp monitor I’ve seen the CPU get as hot as 75�C (glitch perhaps?), but usually sits around 52�C�5�.

    Same old comments, getting boring right?

    As for replacing the back with a clear one as Smithy suggests, yea, that would look cool, but I think it’s shielded to comply with electromagnetic interference guidlines unfortunately. Did you notice they’d printed the RAM and Airport replacement instructions on the inside of the back case? Nice touch since hardly anyone will see it.

  7. notatotalsucker,

    Didn’t think of that – do you think Mr. Ive can invent transparent metal? Yeh I noticed the AirPort & RAM instructions inside – very neat. They do the same with the iBook (my 12″ has RAM & AirPort installation instructions underneath the keyboard), not sure about the rest of the models.

    “Same old comments, getting boring right?”

    Not at all, I love reading about how good the iMac G5 is. Jonathan Ive is my all time hero. He will be remembered for centuries, truly a person who Thinks Different �.

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