Detroit Free Press: Apple’s iPod mini is hottest high-tech gadget of the year

“This holiday season, the mini is huge. The Apple iPod mini, at $249, is my choice as 2004’s hottest high-tech gadget. All of the iPods are awesome. But this little package, weighing in at 3.6 ounces, a half-inch thick and the size of a business card, is so slick and so sleek that all I can say is: Sweet,” Mike Wendland writes for The Detroit Free Press.

“It holds 1,000 songs, works with Macs and Windows and the anodized aluminum case comes in five trendy colors. And it delivers a sound quality so big and so pristine that it’s hard to believe it’s coming from something so tiny. It’s cutting-edge, high-tech chicness,” Wendland writes. “Apple now has plenty of competition from aggressive companies like Dell, Creative Labs and Rio Audio, whose knockoff pods can hold many more songs at comparable prices. But none of the rival players can match the mini’s size and the aura of the iPod, not to mention the compatibility with the iTunes Music Store, Apple’s standard-setting download site.”

“The mini can sometimes be very difficult to find because of all the demand. Be patient. Apple’s making them as fast as they can,” Wendland explains. “It’s worth the wait. The mini rocks.”

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  1. Warning: MacDailyNews is now in the habit of censoring posts that they don’t agree with. They have no posting policy posted on their site, but if they don’t like your post then they censor. Mine contained disparaging remarks about our current president. Big Brother is alive and well at MDN. Sucks!

  2. Fakie Stover,

    Since there is no posting policy, I think you have answered your own argument.

    The only rule is there are no rules. So you can do what you like, and so can can MDN.


  3. And next you will disparage the iPod for not enough space and find your post gone too. Or you’ll disagree with their viewpoint and be censored. They allow cursing in these forums, so why not any mention of their candidate. Had I said something about Ted Kennedy or Michael Moore, you are darn right it would stay.

  4. Like I said,

    The only rule is there are no rules. So you can do what you like, and so can can MDN.

    If you feel so strongly, set up your own forum pages and allow anything. I’m sure you’ll do well.

  5. Fakie,
    The fact that you have nothing better to do than post the same message for each article makes me think that your deleted message probably contained absolutely nothing of interest anyway. If you’re so concerned about MDN being big brother, then start your own webpage and say whatever you wish.

  6. Although the forums have been filled with far too much politix (especially over the past 2 years), I don’t see that now is the time to start censoring posts because they have disagreeable politix. JMHO.

  7. You can say whatever you want… MDN, as owners of this Web site, DO NOT HAVE TO LET YOU SAY IT. If you want to say something, start your own Web site. You have a right to say what you want, NOT to be heard.

    This high and mighty rhetoric about censorship is complete hogwash. The fact remains that a comment about Bush doesn’t make sense on a Web site reporting Mac news. They own this site and can post whatever they want.

    You don’t have a “right” to post whatever you want on any Web site… get over it.

  8. It’s really quite simple. If your post has nothing to do with the subject and consists only as a screed that is meaningless to the subject at hand, your post may be deleted. The subject of your post (be it Bush, Jimmy Carter, or the Easter Bunny) has no bearing whatsoever on whether your post is removed. It’s rare, but posts can be removed when they have nothing of value to add to the relevant discussion.

    If George Bush, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, or Vladimir Putin happens to be integral to an article, blast away. Otherwise, there are “political” discussion boards elsewhere on the Web that would probably love to hear from you.

    Who determines the value of the posts? MacDailyNews staff has sole discretion.

    The following is an example post to this article:
    “First Post! George Bush is Hitler. I hope Apple sells 100 million iPod mini players.”
    This post may be edited by MDN to read:
    “I hope Apple sells 100 million iPod mini players.”

    Or the post may be removed completely depending on how busy we are and/or our mood at the time. The post above, from “Fakie Stover” would be a candidate for deletion, but is left as an example to explain this reply.

    This is a very “open” forum with no registration or censoring (we do replace a certain word with “fsck” when the whim strikes us; it’s a long-standing MDN tradition). 99.9% of people will have no problems. Enjoy.

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