Apple’s Xsan due soon, Xserve G5 speed bumps likely for Macworld Expo in January

“Apple will demonstrate its Xsan storage area network at Macworld Expo San Francisco while delivering speed bumps to its Xserve line around that time, reliable sources say. A specific release date for Xsan, which Apple had said would ship in the Fall, is a little bit fuzzy. While Apple reiterated earlier this week that it would still ship in the Fall, meaning some time in the next two weeks or so, some Think Secret sources have fingered December 23 as a ship date while others have said it won’t come until later in January,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

“Apple’s 1U server is set to receive a speed bump in January, likely at Macworld Expo San Francisco. Systems will be bumped to a 2.3GHz G5 processor, identical to what Virginia Tech received months ago for its System X cluster, although sources didn’t dismiss the possibility that a 2.5GHz Xserve might emerge as well,” Katz reports.

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  1. I think winter should be bumped up to the beginning of December. Who decides these things anyway? Must be someone who lives much further south than Michigan.

    And why don’t we use metric? The congress passed a law to convert to metric around 1860!

    Oh, sounds like XSan is finally here. Speed bumped XServes won’t exactly shake the industry. Virginia State will have to upgrade again. Apple’s creating a wedge in government and some enterprises with these technologies. Apple needs to create some enterprise support programs if they are serious about this stuff. It’s sometimes hard to tell if they are.

  2. Powermac rumors?….anyone????
    3+ Ghz in single, dual, quad???

    When does winter start?…gee, could it be because its about something silly like how the earth rotates around the sun…

  3. In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice occurs on or about December 22. Now that said, December 22 is the shortest day of the year. It seems to me that winter should sort of follow when the air is coldest, beginning sometime after the leaves have fallen and ending before the greenery comes out again, not after the ponds have frozen over the jubulant hockey players and extending until the flowers are out. I like to think of spring when the flowers come out, but maybe that’s my problem.

    3 GHz, sure I think I saw one of those the other day. Maybe they’ll make the .Mac web site faster. I’d like to see that in the Stevenote.

  4. You can say winter is when ever it is…what does it matter when it starts or not???? It is just a scientific designation.
    And what if does not get real cold…then is there no winter?????

  5. BTW, the Earth doesn’t rotate around the sun it revolves. Besides that doesn’t have any real effect on the seasons. The biggest effect comes from the rotation of the Earth in relation to the solar plane. I want winter to be over and it hasn’t even started yet. That’s my problem.

    If Xserves are getting 2.3 or 2.5GHz PPCs then you’ve gotta believe that Steve-o will cram a 3+GHz PPC in the big-ol liquid-cooled PowerMac.

    I expect another round of “we have the fastest desktop naynernaynernayner!” The chassis will be the same, but with some minor modifications to make a visible product differentiation.

    The lineup will be:
    3.2Ghz Dual PPC w/ Radeon 9800, 8xSuperDrive, 160GB SATA. $2999
    2.8Ghz Dual PPC w/ Radeon 9600, 8xSuperDrive, 160GB SATA. $2599
    2.0Ghz Dual PPC w/ Radeon 9600, 8xSuperDrive, 160GB SATA. $1999

    How’s that?

  6. Santa Clause should get a couple weeks of winter to collect his product, then one really excellent snowfall before Xmas night, which will be clear for high-visibility. That would really help Santa get to all the houses before his sled rails overheat and fall off.

    Then that’s IT. Spring comes and it’s back to tee-shirts and pools.

    Santa-Steve, Oh give me a PowerBook I can use in the sunshine please.

  7. Well to add my five cents bla bla.

    The seasons are caused by the earth axis inclination.
    As a matter of fact the earth is nearer the sun during the winter than during the summer that is if you live in the northern hemisphere.
    That’s why the south pole is the coldest place on earth because it receive less light when it’s the farthest from the sun.


    The above example show the earth at this time of the year.

  8. Hmmm so lets see. The earth rotates and revolves around the sun.

    Trick question now, is the earth round?

    The seasons: Australia start their season at the first of the month, they don’t use the soltice. I could be wrong, but I think summer started on the first of December.

    Metric: You mean there are countries that have not converted to metric yet? Oh right, the USA, well that is not surprising, the current administration hates the world anyway.

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