Napster ‘disappointed’ that Band Aid single is now available on Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“Apple Computer Inc. has settled a dispute that was keeping the charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” off its iTunes music store in Britain. The song, released Monday, initially was not available as a download from iTunes, reportedly because Apple declined to sell the song for more than the service’s 79 pence ($1.52) base price. Rivals including HMV and Napster are selling the song for 1.49 pounds ($2.86), the price requested by the Band Aid Trust,” The Associated Press reports.

“Apple said Wednesday it would sell the single for 79 pence and donate the difference to the Band Aid famine-relief charity. It quickly became the best-selling iTunes download in Britain,” The Associated Press reports. “Apple’s decision sparked criticism from its competitors. Napster said it was ‘disappointed they’ve chosen to use the biggest charity event of the year to undercut every other music retailer in the U.K.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Napster, it’s called competition. You guys should try it some time.


  1. Napster is MAD that Apple is selling a song and PAYING the difference…. loosing money on the deal? It is helping people when the song is downloaded. They should step up and praise Apple for keeping to their pricing but not shorting what the song was created for. Apple is doing a good thing here. The customer gets the song at normal iTunes pricing, the charity gets the profits that they normally receive. The only “looser” here is Apple financially…. but they get respect from me for doing the right thing, something that has been lost in our modern business world.

    WTG Apple.

  2. When RealNetworks sells it’s songs at fire sale prices it’s good business. When Apple helps it’s customers and a worthy charity it’s bad. Strange logic in the WiMP (Windoze Media Player/Format) World.

  3. They definitely gets high marks from for this. If Apple had broke its pricing model for this, everyone would want special treatment. If Apple didn’t carry the charity song, they would look like the Grinch. Great move.

  4. I’m just disappointed that it’s not on the new Canadian Music Store. Good for Apple, they were getting bad P.R. for not even having the SIngle available before… remember those nasty articles in the British Press?

    Have you read the news from Darfur? The charity is incredibly worthwhile and to me, the more money raised the better, and a more important issue that the online music marketshare fight. (which Apple is winning anyways)

    Wish all the groups involved would pick a day and donate all the proceeds from sales to help the truly needy………

  5. duh..

    This is really stupid..

    Is charity, no one is competing on this, its a donation..
    And logically the people will buy the song in the store that sell it cheaper and is easier (iTunes Music Store)..

    I think the problem here is marketing & lock-in.. People who buys AAC+Fairplay is locked in to the iPod, and this obviously don’t like to Napster..

    Anyway.. Who uses any other mp3 player than the iPod? Do this guys really think that the people who buy cheap 128Mb flash players will buy music online? I think that the people with flash mp3 players currently uses p2p..

    In the same way that cheap PC users don’t buy software, pirate it..

    Apple is doing really well, they aren’t sleeping, although they could relax a lot of time if they want with their market share monopoly..

    Go Apple! Go!

    Sorry for my bad english, i’m spanish..

  6. It’s great PR, and the cost can be written off as charity donation. If they sold it for �1.49, it would have been taxable revenue. So iTMS comes out smelling good, Napster and C� are forked, and the charity benefits from it. And the download numbers will boost the market share. Really smart!

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