HP hard at work on ‘virus-throttling’ software; they ought to license Apple’s Mac OS X instead

“Engineers at Hewlett-Packard are working on ‘virus-throttling’ software that they say could slow the spread of Internet-borne viruses and worms. Researchers for the Palo Alto, Calif.-based computer giant said Tuesday that the new software wouldn’t destroy threats such as the ‘Blaster’ worm, which crippled more than a million computers last summer,” Rachel Konrad reports for The Associated Press.

“But the software – tentatively named Virus Throttler – would blunt the sting of viruses by identifying and alerting technicians to suspicious behavior, HP says. If the patented software suspects that a computer has become infected with a so-called ‘self-propagating’ worm, it severely limits some of the computer’s functions,” Konrad reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What a waste of time being shackled to Windows must be! HP would be better off working to convince Steve Jobs to allow them to sell the “Apple Mac by HP,” then they could stop wasting their time vainly trying to make Windows suck less and start making personal computers that help people be more productive worldwide.

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  1. “If the patented software suspects that a computer has become infected with a so-called ‘self-propagating’ worm, it severely limits some of the computer’s functions,” Konrad reports.

    Great … so if the virus doesn’t severly limit the computer’s functions then the software will for you!! Fantastic … Just get a Mac

  2. no way.. pffft.. this really bugs me.. apple refuses to license its software, especially with the DRM thing and definitely with it’s operating system..

    so why on earth would you even say that!? Jobs cut the clones program and he’s not gonna start licensing Mac OS anytime soon..

  3. Seems to me HP is struggling to find solutions to the Windows problems. They should consider reselling Macs for the consumer channel and just keep PCs for their business desktops.

  4. HP couldn’t program their way out of a cardboard box.

    Sure I like them for supporting iTunes and iPod’s, but really they do suck in this area.

    HP is doing this because viruses have hurt their sales. Dell is doing the same thing.

    It’s to scare Microsoft into fixing their stuff or they might just develop their own OS.

    But the problem is like closing the doors after the horses already left the barn.

  5. I love it�mutiple OS for the PC. May they multiply and spread (like virii ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> ) and keep MS on the run.

    Well, back to work�with my Mac, of course!

  6. “HMMMMMM Mac by hp………..headless, dual monitor capable, g5, under $1000, ……….”

    You left out…ugly blue and gray plastic box, lousy integrated graphics with shared memory, etc. Nah, only a cheap skate would want that ugly assed thing. I’ll take a real Apple Power Mac G5 any day…

  7. “HP is doing this because viruses have hurt their sales. Dell is doing the same thing.”

    When a windows computer becomes infected with viruses and spy bots it becomes slow and unresponsive. Time to go out and buy a new, faster windows computer.
    This happens more often that you think. The number probably exceeds the number of Mac’s sold. This is not hurting sales, they are making a fortune off this!

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