Apple postpones Canadian iTunes Music Store stating ‘you’ll hear from us very soon’

“In an official statement issued today, Apple Computer conceded that it has missed its own deadline for launcing its iTunes download service in Canada. Apple Computer has postponed the launch of its iTunes music download service in Canada, according to a company statement provided to Macworld’s news service on Wednesday,” AppleInsider reports. “‘We said that we would launch the iTunes Music Store in Canada by the end of November, but we’re going to miss this deadline by a bit,’ the company said. ‘You’ll hear from us very soon.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Perhaps Apple didn’t wish to drown the free Canadian publicity by launching during President Bush’s visit to Canada? Why launch and be relegated to the back pages, when you can wait a week and get much better free publicity and greater coverage?


  1. Ah, just ignore em Buffy, they obviously don’t have anything else better to do for the next 4 years anyway. But I’m sure some lame brain will figure out a way to blame the Canadian iTMS delay on Bush. LOL

  2. C’mon, Canadians are willing to wait in line for weeks, months, even YEARS for free healthcare… surely waiting a couple more days to spend money on something they can essentially already do for free isn’t going to send the entire nation into a musical tailspin!

  3. Not that it helps in Canada, but iTunes did work out a deal to have the ‘Do they know it’s Christmas ? (2004)’ single on the British iTMS for the regular price of 79p, and Apple will donate the rest to match full price the charity single is getting elsewhere at online stores…….
    not the greatest single, but the cause is worthy and compelling

  4. If you think Canadian healthcare is “free,” you’re either a moron or a liberal who doesn’t understand taxation and thinks the government exists to take care of your like your mommy. While you’re trying to grasp this, look up “substandard care,” “socialism,” “government waste,” and graft” while you’re at it.

    Have a nice day, eh.

  5. It’s just leagle issues. They would have launched last year if the Canadian goverment lawers said “go!”
    Nothing against Canadian goverment or Canadian lawers. Just dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”

  6. Well it *is* free to the children of Canada. A good percent of US children don’t have access to adequate healthcare; IMO a crime for one of the richest nations on Earth.

  7. It’s just legal issues. They would have launched last year if the Canadian government lawyers said “go!”
    Nothing against Canadian government or Canadian lawyers. Just dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”

    –wow, I pushed submit and it posted the bad spelling version–

  8. Rather than finding somewhere to buy Cuban cigars (contraband in the land of the free) during their free time, as many did during previous trips to Canada, three members of the press travelling with Pres. Bush instead paid $20 each to get flu shots while they were in Ottawa.

    No hours-long lineups.

    Oh, and us regular Canadian citizens get the flu shot free.

    I won’t deny that quite a few procedures and even non-life-threatening emergencies have unacceptable wait times, but to all you people slamming the health care system based purely on the fact it’s socialized, come on… like the HMOs aren’t full of graft themselves?

  9. Screw the Canadian iTMS– where the hell is hockey?! I’m suffering serious puck withdrawal. The NBA and NFL have done their parts to revive the hockey brawl, sure, but nothing compares to a sweet one-timer!

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