UBS raises estimates, target price for Apple Computer; says iPod, iMac selling ‘very well’

“UBS raised its forecasts for Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) on Monday saying a survey of U.S. retailers showed strong demand for its higher margin Photo iPods and Mini iPods as well as iMacs and accessories which the broker said were all selling ‘very well,'” Madeleine Acey reports for CBS MarketWatch.

“The broker upped its share price target to $77 from $66 on a raised FY 2005 revenue forecast of $11.1bn (was $10.9bn), it now sees EPS for the year at $1.40, up 10c. UBS increased its first quarter earnings per share forecast by 3c to 46c. For FY 2006 it increased its EPS and revenue forecasts to $1.75 (was $1.60) and $12.6bn (from ($12.2bn),” Acey reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Anyone notice how all of these “expert” firms are following the market rather than leading it on the Apple Story? They are supposed to advise their customers “looking ahead” so that they can take advantage of investment opportunities. It’s obvious they don’t know jack about computers and digital media.

  2. Took my father-in-law to the Apple Store at Woodfield Saturday, walked out with his new 17″ iMac an hour later. I’ve been working at getting him switched for a couple years. I had convinced his wife, and she finally said, “I’ll pay for a new computer, but only if you get a Mac.” All it took to convince her was letting her sit down at our computer and tell her to have fun, she wouldn’t harm it. He was a bit tougher, even after I answered EVERY one of his objections.

  3. NoPCZone

    “…Anyone notice how all of these “expert” firms are following the market rather than leading it on the Apple Story?….”

    Exactly !!…. Where were these “so-called” experts when AAPL was selling in the teens ??

    Ive been advising everyone I know to buy Apple stock… even back then….

    Its taken a little longer than I expected, but you gotta think this will be a repeat of what happened when the GumDrop was first released !!

    Go AAPL !!

    (oh and MDN…. your “secret word” thingy doesnt work all the time )

  4. Didn’t Thurott say the iMac was doomed to be another failure? Didn’t he say that the iPod wouldn’t save Apple and that as soon as the other competitors appeared that the iPod would be relegated to the dustbin of history? Didn’t he say that Apple was doomed to become an niche electronics firm?

    Don’t you just love predictions from Thurott? Some people are just too attached at the hip to M$. Serves them right.

  5. mac doood:
    “Its taken a little longer than I expected, but…”

    ::: cough :::::

    What??? You *expected* it would go up by 500%, and *faster* than *less than two years*??? Why didn’t you buy some yourself then!? That is like knowing the lotto in advance.

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