Gartner: three of top 10 PC manufacturers will exit market by 2007

“With slower growth rates and reduced profit margins, the PC industry will face vendor consolidation, with three of the top 10 PC manufacturers exiting the market by 2007, according to Gartner Inc. While the market has registered double-digit shipment growth the past few years, tougher times lie ahead,” Enterprise Networks & Servers reports.

“Currently, the top 10 worldwide PC vendors, by unit shipment, are Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Siemens, Toshiba, NEC, Apple Computer, Lenovo Group and Gateway. Of the top 10 worldwide vendors, only Dell has consistently been profitable in the past several years,” Enterprise Networks & Servers reports.

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  1. Since when was Apple EVER grouped with PCs? As a PERSONAL COMPUTER, yes, but for the other PC definitions, “partially comparable,” “particularly cruddy,” “potentially crashable,” or “piece of c-rap,” then NO. Virus free, no flu shots needed, best customer support in the world, innovative products, and kick-a-ss advertising.

    Apple user since 1978. 3 in-house, 5 in-garage (but they all still work!!!!!)

  2. billyboy:
    “Gateway is only there because of the purchase of emachines”

    No. Gateway *is* eMachines. Gateway went out of business. The only thing left of the original gateway (beside the cow logo) is the top brass who now run eMachines renamed as Gateway. Got that? Good!

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  3. Gateway’s CEO is Inouye, ex-emachines. It was a reverse buy-out, like Apple and NeXT. They still have cash, maybe buy someone else up, Packard Bell (yes they’re still going outside of the US) would be a good fit.

    IBM doesn’t do consumer PCs, HP should do the same, but retail Macs for the consumer market.

    There’s still a massive market for ‘white box’ PCs, I recall 40% figure mentioned within the last year. Apparently Germans buy fewer brand names too.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see more than three of the top ten drop out or merge, there’s plenty coming up from below. Expect an Indian manufacturer to come forward.

  4. I would imagine Gateway is in this top 10 for the same reason that horrid ‘Alexander’ is in the box office top 10: the spread between #1 and #10 is so great that it isn’t difficult to get on that list no matter how much you might suck.

  5. Looking at the quality of current superstore PC’s (heh), I ‘d be surprised if only three makers leave the market.

    The strongest two makers are Apple and Dell. Everyone else is losing money and/or building junk. Gateway is especially sad, why don’t they just close shop and get it over with? $199 Wal-Mart PCs will only succeed if there’s some quality to them and they actually work.

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