For holiday gifts, Apple’s iPod, iPod mini with iTunes Music Store are the gold standard

“As the holidays approach, I get lots of questions about gifts for computer users. For music lovers out there, the Apple iPod and its mini cousin remain the gold standard in terms of design and coolness to me,” James Derk writes for Scripps Howard News Service.

“This is a company and a product that seems to be firing on all cylinders. As more competitors are released, expect this field to become crowded, but the iPod and the related iTunes download service are the gold standard,” Derk writes.

Full article here.


  1. Bad example – gold prices are pretty volatile – the gold standard is not what it was …

    p.s. Will not be posting here again until you remove that stupd image enter word thingy at the bottom – life is too short

  2. I agree about that stupid word thing. I just spent 10 minutes writing a response on another thread posted it but didnt see it so got a fault up and when I navigated back guess what all my input had been lost. Don’t tell me, you are using windows as an inspiration? Certainly just as painful? Not funny guys.

  3. the image thingie is there for a reason, and if I’m not mistaken it helps block automated SPAM ads from posting to old forums, that end up sending EMAIL to everyone who has it set to “notify me of follow-up.”

    I’ve never seen it happen on MDN, but on some other forums I’ve posted on, I’ve had this happen. It ends up being a SPAM list you cannot get off of, that keeps updating every time new SPAM appears.

    Do you guys have a better solution than the picture word? I think it’s a good idea. If you cannot come up with a better more effective way of filtering out SPAM then quitcherbitchinaboutit.

  4. john.. you mean you’ve never heard the term ‘gold standard’..?
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    we’re not throwing it out cuz you think gold prices are all over the place

  5. Finally, an explanation of what benefit the magic word is. I never use the notify me of follow up comments function tho, there are so many comments on MDN that it seems pretty useless. My box would be full of notifications all the time. I just check back manually on topics I am interested in.

    Does anyone use the “Notify me of follow-up comments” function?

  6. John, FYI,

    60 years ago and prior the U.S. treasury kept gold warehoused at Ft. Knox and elsewhere equivalent to the total value of currency printed, hence the origin of the expression “gold standard.” The author is simply implying that the iPod is the standard by which all other portable digital music players are compared.

  7. When MWSF comes in January and Apple announces the sales figures for the last quarter (CY4) expect to see your socks knocked off. Shortly after expect to see more mass retailers selling iTunes Gift Cards. Currently The Apple Store, Target, Best Buy, Comp USA and a few others are selling the cards. Expect more to follow.

  8. That “stupid image enter word thingy at the bottom” is not that big a deal. Even OSX ask you to enter a password when it thinks it is important. If MDN thinks it is important for security reasons, I think I can figure it out.

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