iPod, Mac OS X’s advantages over Windows, competitive pricing lead to increased Apple Mac sales

“Two Apple-watching US investment companies and Apple watchers have reported that, finally, Mac sales are starting to enjoy an iPod effect,” Simon Aughton writes for PC Pro. “Earlier this week Apple’s share price rose by more than 10 per cent after a Piper Jaffray survey found that six per cent of PC-owning iPod users have now switched with another seven per cent planning to do so.”

Aughton writes, “The iPod phenomenon – and its integration with the iTunes Music Store – dovetails with other notable Apple successes of recent months. The retail stores have, despite widespread cynicism outside the company, been a huge success and the new iMac is a machine in which only the most PC-hardened curmudgeon could fail to delight. Moreover Apple is competitive on price like never before whilst the Mac OS retains all the advantages it has long had over Windows. Then there’s iLfe, .Mac, iChat AV…”

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  1. Sure the price is too high? What will you be saying if it hits $100 in 6 months time?

    I’m in the same dilemma!!

    Apropos this article, it looks to me like the journos are more than ever feeding on each others’ stories. We’re on a spiral of ever increasing numbers of articles saying ‘people are switching because of iPod’. soon there’ll be too many for MDN to bother reporting!

  2. Aughton is not a PC Pro man. He’s a MacUser man. PC Pro is a sister magazine and the servers are shared, so sometimes following a link, it shows up as PC Pro instead of Mac User.

    Simon may have drunk the kool-aid, but if he did, it was many years ago !

  3. I was only half-joking a couple days ago, but now I’m serious: is it time for Apple to split the stock (i.e. make it more affordable to lay investors)? There has been so much positive financial press recently, that announcing a stock split could potentially ignite a frenzy of buying.

  4. to really appreciate todays Apple stock, you would have to have bought it on the way down in Y2K. What seemed a steal at 25 mercilessly slid to 13 and wallowed. Faith saves all and now we’re in clover. Anybody for a split at 75?

  5. BTW, the ad for the “free 3d snowy cottage screensaver” on MDN’s site is PC ONLY! Why is it here? I’d now probably have to change my e-mail address because of spam (they spam to make money it seems) but I gave them a fake e-mail address so everything is okay. Nice save!

    RE: Split…

    When the iMac first came out and it was selling like hot cakes was the last time I remember Apple being so hot. Does anyone remember how high the stock got before it split back then?

  6. i bought a handful of shares at $25 and a handful more at $15. Now I wish I had bought three handfulls.. or even a basketfull.

    If it splits, I’ll buy more. I think Apple is finally getting the press it deserves.

    My ONLY concern is if manufacturing can keep up

  7. rapple: “Anybody for a split at 75?”

    I say, let it ride up to $100 and then give us a 4-for-1 split. That’d knock it down to a nice, respectable $25 per share and would increase everyone’s shares by a factor of 4! Including mine.


    So glad I bought more shares back in the doldrums of 2000/2001! I rode through the split prior to that and that was sweet. But a 4-for-1 split this time would be perfect. I know I’d buy back in at $25/share — and I think Viridian is also correct: Lots of other people would too.

    (Raises glass) Here’s to multiple rises and splits over the next several years!!! (Drinks happily)

  8. Well – not only amI a Mac industry reviewer and a Mac technician, I also was in a previous incarnation an investement advisor. And I tell you: Too late? Too high? Hogwash.

    Last time Apple stock enjoyed such success, it split.
    Then ” The stock has soared about 10% this week ahead of the stock split and continues to trade higher today. It sure looks as if this stock split is helping AAPL out of its recent doldrums.” (MacObserver)

    Apple’s common stock split on a 2-for-1 basis on May 15, 1987 and most recently on a 2-for-1 basis on June 21, 20

    I would not be surprised to see similar events in the next few months. There is still a lot of space up, and not too much down, on the Apple stock. Heck, it was almost seling at book value for som many years!

    What worries me, though, are the stock and options possibly held by Microsoft. Remember that “$150 million in non-voting Apple stock” they got back in 1997? I just wonder how much is still held.

    Dumping these shares on the market could in theory create a downward trend that would make many Wallstreet naysayers quite happy…

    But that would be nasty. And everyone nows Microsoft plays nice. Right?

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