Report: New Apple iPod users dumping Windows PCs for Apple Macs’

“It seems the popularity of the iPod could well be boosting Apple’s financials in unexpected ways. According to a survey of iPod users by financial analyst firm Piper Jaffray, Macs are now basking in the reflected glory from the iPod, with a percentage of those owning the music player saying they have already or are intending to ditch their PC for a Mac,” Jo Best reports for

“The research found that six per cent of iPod users had made the switch and another seven per cent said they were planning to dump their old PC desktop for an Apple machine,” Best reports. “Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray senior research analyst, said the iPod halo effect will make a difference to Apple for a while to come. ‘We’re in the very early innings of a multi-year trend,’ he said. Among the factors influencing the ex-PC crowd were ease-of-use, the focus on entertainment and the perception of better security.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Perception” of better security? How about plain old actual better security? It’ll be fun to watch the “Wintel Biased” media spin the switcher story (especially now that they’ll be feeling quite threatened) from here on out. Expect a lot of good old (and new) attempts at Mac FUD coming soon; the “computer help radio show” hosts and Wintel-centric media won’t like this shift to Mac OS X quality one bit. As for the iPod, we propose Apple institute the tinkling of a bell as iPod’s startup chime – that angel’s already earned her wings big time.


  1. “It seems the popularity of the iPod could well be boosting Apple’s financials in unexpected ways.”

    Yeah, unexpected. To all those except the true ‘Apple faithful’ and Apple itself.

  2. You guys must look at some of the comments made by readers at the bottom of the article � especially the one made by “music fan”. This guy call himself a web designer, and still calls the PC/Wintel version the better platform. I have been doing professional designwork for over 10 years now, and I can tells you if a brochure or any other printed material was designed on a PC or Mac. usually the PC-Option is of inferior creative quality compared to the Mac version. So, to anyone out there calling themselves designers and then saying they prefer a Mac to a PC you guys are just wannabes – except in the 3D design field which is mainly software dependant.

  3. What are the top 10 reasons why we like Macs over Windows?

    10. UNIX that’s easy to use. (Lets you get under the hood if you want, but you don’t have to).
    9. Security, with fewer updates (and constant updates don’t keep wrecking compatibility of many of your apps, or make your computer unusable). Plus no viruses. At all.
    8. Much more polished interface than Windows, with Expose, slick Fast User Switching, Location Manager to switch network settings, Command switching between apps, the ability to run many many apps without fear of crashing your computer.
    7. Friendly community of users who help each other out.
    6. Apple Stores rock. Free classes, and free tech support from “Geniuses.”
    5. Much more beautiful interface than Windows.
    4. None of those amazingly annoying pop-up Wizards taking over your computer to “help you out.”
    3. No pop-up windows while browsing without your consent (thanks Safari)
    2. Tabbed browsing in the default browser.
    1. It’s not Windows.

  4. I second ph8te’s comments. PC designers suck as they never quite “get it”. At the company I’m working for now, I was the first Mac user. The “Designers” that were there before me told me that they use MS Paint as they’re main creation tool. Even after I “educated” them, they still didn’t believe me until I started cranking out high quality and PROFESSIONAL work. The boss still cracks jokes about my Mac even though a) I have the fastest computer in the entire company, b) after a virus cripples the entire company, I’m still working, and c) they’re constantly amazed by the programs I use. Go figure.

  5. Halo effect: when Apple’s pop culture iCon, iPod, becomes their leading salesman.

    I remember one near-future sci-fi story I read a few years back where one character was making a point to another, “Well, do you remember Windows?”

  6. A little story�

    And high up on the mountain slope there was a little puff of white. Bill stared for a moment, and then said “hmph”. But the little puff of white began to get bigger, and seemed to be moving closer. Bill looked again and said, “Perhaps we should move in doors,” and stepped into the mansion. But the puff of white had become a large smudge and was moving faster, and becoming larger, and was begining to make some real noise. And those around Bill were whispering amongst themselves as Bill stared through the large Window he himself had installed in his castle. After a while Bill noticed that he was now alone in the great room, but near the Window frame he noticed a note and many footprints in the snow outside the Window: “It’s been fun. Had to run. Enjoy the avalanche!” Bill looked up and quietly contemplated the approaching white curtain.

    The End

  7. I don’t know, but I know several people who didn’t even have “Apple Computer” in their vocabulary 2 years ago.

    A co-worker of mine had her PC bite the dust last week and told me she had no clue what to buy to replace it. So after talking for a little bit she basically told me to pick a new computer out for her that was under $1,000 and she’d go buy it. So, naturally I picked out an eMac and she went and bought it yesterday. When I told her it was made by Apple she was impressed because “oh yeah, they make those really cool iPod things don’t they? I’m sure their computers are excellent too.”

    So it’s not necessarily a halo effect switch, but it’s a switch nevertheless.

  8. Switcheroooo is probably just stirring the pot but my experience is that you are forced to use a PC in your work environment because IT wants the support jobs necessary to support the Windows. I have to install blockers, disable “features” etc to keep my PC functioning. Fortunately it is used mostly for terminal emulation into a UNIX computer maintained by a few Support people. Most problems originate with the Wintel PC itself rather than the Central computer.

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