Microsoft, Wintel box assemblers ‘playing catch-up with Apple’ with Windows Media Center PCs

“‘People are buying these media center equipped PCs, but not using them,’ notes Ted Schadler, principal analyst at Forrester Research, a research firm based in Cambridge, Mass. ‘We ask people what they do in their home networks and virtually none of them share photos, music, or TV. They mostly use them to share Internet access,'” Michael Cohn reports for InformationWeek.

“To encourage more people to buy the products, Microsoft and Intel have jointly launched a marketing campaign called Digital Joy that is meant to educate consumers about what they can do with their PCs for entertainment, including television, music, and photos. Once again, they are playing catch-up with Apple,” Cohn reports. “‘Over the long haul, it is clearly a platform to distribute music and photos around the home, take your music library off your PC, and play it on your stereo,’ says Schadler. ‘But you can already do that with Apple AirPort Express, which is a standout for distributing music.'”

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  1. Please, Apple will always play catch up with Wintel MCPC’c. I’ve been streaming Music to my Stereo for years…I cant believe they would shed this FUD. It maybe easier for the average user to use an Airport Extreme but that doesnt change the fact that people have done it for a long while now…Where is the mac that I can change channels on my Sat and record 3 channels simultaneously ???? (Im sure they will “innovate” that one too).

    There isnt one.

    Its unfortunate that most of the crap that comes out of Apple isnt really “Innovative”, its more like improved decade old technology.

  2. NoMacForYou,

    Sounds like you are full of FUD. Why are you even over on MDN if you don’t care for Apple or its products. Either you are just here to flame, or you are secretly lusting after Apple products because they are inherently designed better than other computer companies?

  3. Re-NoMacForYou
    You can do most anything with a PC that you can do with a PC, the question is can be done easily and reliably. The problem is not with the hardware- LINUX will run very well on any modern PC. The problem is Windoze- the most insecure and unreliable OS ever offered to the consumer- period.

  4. NoMacForYou: Get real man. I have never once wanted to use my Mac to change TV channels, my sat or digital cable receiver seems to do that just fine thank you. I have, however, for as long as I have been playing MP3s on my Mac, wanted a way to play them on my Stereo in the other room without having to run wires. I have tried some of the FM transmitters, but the sound was sh*t. AirPort Express does the job perfectly, simply and cleanly. Add the Keyspan Remote Express and I now have the perfect music streaming solution for my needs. Innovation doesn’t mean inventing from scratch, it means improving how we get things done. How many Unix vendors have been developing Unix for how many years? Apple came along and in 3 years became the #1 Unix vendor. Why? Innovation. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  5. NoMacForYou

    Sure these capabilities have been available for a long time, but certainly not in a form that most consumers can operate easily. I think the point the article was making is that the MCs are still a bitch to setup and use for most folks and so they are not being used for what they were intended.

  6. Man, I have been streaming viruses to my friends’ PCs for years. Where is the Mac application that can do that? Answer: there isn’t one. That’s right. Macs don’t have any good applications for quick and easy dissemination of viruses. Not only that, they don’t plan to have one any time soon.

    Reason? Unix anyone?

  7. NoMacForYou…

    Bored people like you who say things just to get a reaction on message boards are quite sad. Isolation from real human interaction brought you to this point. You need to get out. Please understand that this is constructive criticism. Next.

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