Apple’s UK retail store opening ‘religious in tone’

“The second coming has arrived. Don’t believe us? Take a trip to London’s Oxford Circus, look for Hanover Chapel’s Victorian facade and pass between its ionic pillars. Inside you will find a mumbling congregation and a host of welcoming and black-garbed service assistants, offering advice on mysteries beyond the layman’s understanding. And all show deference to a simple icon. An apple,” Mike Verdin writes for The Times Online.

“More than a century after the chapel was closed to Christian ritual, it has become a centre of technology-age homage – that paid to Apple Computers. Saturday’s opening of the site, Apple’s first retail store in Europe, attracted a queue of 5,000. Even the language surrounding the opening is religious in tone. Shoppers talk of their ‘worship’ of the brand, while an Apple spokeswoman tells Times Online of an ‘evangelical’ fascination for its products. On Wall Street, analysts propose a ‘halo effect’ – that the success of Apple’s iPod music player is promoting attention in the company’s other products,” Verdin writes. “Such hopes inspired an 11 per cent rise in Apple stock yesterday.”

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  1. Back in the 90s when the PC boom was happening, I stuck to supporting Apple, even though their outdated OS and Pricing structure made a lot of people turn away from Apple Macs unless they were a professional necessity. Now, the winds of change have arrived, and I truly feel that Apple is reaping the benefits they deserve. you get what you give, and Apple has always tried to give us the best possible and coolest looking hardware. Now it is time for Apple to THINK BIG and make sure that they can meet demand. Nothing is worse that wanting to get your hand on a hot product and then coming up empty handed. A person will go and buy an inferior product, just so he has something to spend his money on.

    So, Apple i congratulate you and keep up the good work.

  2. If everyone will buy, and yes, even wait patiently while channels are clogged with back orders, then Apple will gradually increase the supply and life will continue to be good. The more secure that Apple is that it can sell what it has manufactured, the more confident they will be in manufacuturing a larger volume of merchandise. Good things come to those who wait. Patience is a seeming lost virtue these days.

    Personally, I’m ready to slow down and smell the roses.

  3. I’ve got a Power Computing T-shirt with Hallelujah on it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    In vahuely related news Intel fell in Tuesday’s premarket session after CSFB cut its investment rating to underperform from outperform and dropped its price target by $3 to $22.

    Go Apple!

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