Survey: 13% of iPod owners have switched, plan to switch to Mac from Windows within 12 months

“Piper Jaffray raised estimates and the price target on Apple Computer (AAPL), citing a “halo effect” from satisfaction from users of Apple’s iPod,” Forbes reports. “Piper Jaffray said that in a survey of 200 users, 6% were former PC users who have purchased a Macintosh after buying an iPod, while 7% were former PC users who plan to buy a Macintosh within 12 months.”

[MacDailyNews Note: Piper analyst Gene Munster also reported that about 30% of Apple specialist resellers believed that the company’s quarter was tracking above expectations, while 70% thought the quarter was in line with expectations.]

“‘We believe that the remarkable satisfaction with the iPod creates a word-of-mouth wildfire that generates new customer interest in Apple products,’ Piper Jaffray said. The research firm raised the 2005 estimate to earnings of $1.52 per share on revenue of $11.5 billion, from earnings of $1.29 per share on revenue of $10.4 billion. Piper Jaffray raised the 2005 estimate to earnings of $2.17 per share on revenue of $13.8 billion, from earnings of $1.50 per share on revenue of $12.0 billion. The firm, which rates Apple at ‘outperform,’ raised the target price to $100 from $52,’ Forbes reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: If this survey’s results are accurate, this is the beginning, folks. Moo.


  1. 10 million iPod users by March 1, 2005 – let’s use this number just for grins – 3 million of them are already Mac users. So, 13 percent of 7 million = 910,000 new Mac OS X users. And these are pure consumer machines – used by people. Developers take note! Hang on, people, this is about to become a wild ride again! Wait until the 910,000 people tell their friends, and they tell their friends, and so on, and so on…

    Say Apple and HP combine to sell 4 million iPods on average per quarter to PC users, and the 13% figure stays the same: That’s over half a million new Mac users every 90 days.

    This is growth Apple hasn’t seen for over a decade!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”excaim” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Actually, one can do a reasonably good study with only 100 people…all it means is that the margin of error is wider. However, this was just a survey, so they probably didn’t calculate the MOE. But that doesn’t mean the numbers aren’t reasonably accurate, just because it was only 200 people.

  3. Ashami, a 7% margin of error makes talking about 6% and 7% of iPod users pretty dumb. I was really just hoping to avoid lame projections of how many new Mac users this will result in. It obviously didn’t work since MathGuy did exactly that in the very next post. Oh well.

  4. Whatever the scale of the survey, the results are encouraging. The catch 22 however is, could Apple (and IBM) meet the demand? I’ve been waiting 3 months for my dual 2.5 and 30″ display, but as an existing mac user I know it’s worth waiting for. A potential switcher on the other hand will impatiently stick with Dell and get his new toy there and then. Sad but true.

    All the slick marketing means nothing if you can’t supply the goods.

  5. The Microsoft Windows homepage has the caption “Get Plus! SuperPack and take Windows XP to the next level!” I assume they must mean bringing it to the next level of hell, since there’s nothing that will bring it close to usable in my book. Speaking of ‘books…

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