Apple shares blast past $60, up more than 14 percent on massive volume in early trading

Apple Computer (AAPL) shares surged more than 14 percent on massive volume in early NASDAQ trading Monday after Piper Jaffray raised its price target on the stock to $100 from $52, citing bullish expectations for iPod sales. Separately, Fulcrum Global raised its target to $65 from $53 and lifted fourth-quarter revenue estimates, forecasting strong demand for iPods and new flat panel iMac G5s. Apple shares were last up 12.92 percent at $62.30, and earlier touched a high of $64.

NASDAQ Apple quote (15 minute delay) here.

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  1. The last time AAPL split, the price was at $100 and change…. Someone has their numbers wrong when they said $42…. In fact, the stock hit the $120’s during the build up to the split. Post split price was around $54 before dropping down into the teens during the recession.

  2. For an eye-opening comparison that you know is making Billy G. scream into his pillow at night, look at this…

    Apple is valued at almost 300%, 3 TIMES, what it was just 1 year ago. This curve is exponential! This is great news for the short term, but nothing can continue to rise at such an exponential rate forever. Such rates of change cannot be accurately extrapolated out into a reasonable forecast. We’ll just have to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

    Billy G. knows that it is MSFT’s poor news that is providing much of the fuel for this AAPL rocket.

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