‘The Sean Hannity Show’ debuts ‘Hannity Insider’ which allows downloads of entire radio show to iPod

ABC Radio Network’s today launched “Hannity Insider,” an online subscription service offering loyal Sean Hannity listeners premium benefits including special show downloads and exclusive audio content.

The Sean Hannity Show airs dialogue with newsmakers on the latest political issues each weekday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm (ET) live. Since the broadcast was syndicated nationally in 2001, it airs on 435 radio stations across the country and has been wildly popular — garnering an audience of over 12 million listeners every week.

Hannity Insider will provide subscribers with an “All Access” pass to Sean Hannity, enabling listeners to “Hannitize” their workout, commute, and even their shopping with the latest news and information from the top-rated radio program. The Hannity Insider is available exclusively online at http://www.Hannity.com

“Our goal has always been to inform and educate the radio listening public with lively discussions with the world’s top newsmakers for three hours every day,” Hannity said in the press release. “I know that my many loyal listeners across the country and around the world will be delighted to hear the show whenever and wherever they would like.”

One of the benefits of joining “Hannity Insider” is that listeners will be able to download the entire radio show to their iPod to listen at their convenience in crystal clear digital audio. Plus, insiders will receive access to previous shows they might have missed — all commercial free. Hannity.com listeners will continue to have the option to listen for free everyday from 3-6 p.m. EST both online and over the airwaves.

MacDailyNews Take: Whether you’re “Hannitized” or not, this is good news for Apple, as anything that expands the potential uses of iPod will also help drive additional sales. Look for other radio shows to follow.

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  1. i’m a moderate and i enjoy talk radio, left or right. from NPR all the way to the right wing conservative shows like rush and michael savage.

    sean hannity is the most overrated conservative talk show host in history.

    i never understood how such a whiner made it so far. now michael savage…while i agree with 20% of what he says, is the best radio entertainer out there (close to phil hendrie)

  2. I am a right winger and I don’t care for Hannity all that much. I listen some but he grates on my nerves. Withers is right he is overrated. Rush is awsome but Michael Savage? What a phsyco.

  3. Yet another indication of the iPods dominance of the market.

    Btw, I listen to Sean occasionally. I was delighted a few months ago when he admitted to an articulate caller (I paraphrase) “Well, perhaps both parties are totally corrupt then. But you have to choose sides.”

    Now, if I’m going to fill my head with ideas from a partisan hack, it might as well be from one with conviction.

  4. I really like Sean Hannity.

    His interview of Ganine Garrafalo (?) a couple of days ago was a perfect example of reason (Hannity) vs. liberal evasiveness/insanity.

    Nice that this is available for subscribers.

  5. Yeah Sean’s a whinner, and he’s a bit over rated. But at least he’s not a liar like Franken and Moore.

    Those left wing mouthpieces dont spew anything but lies and pure HATRED. Wheres the tolarance that the left wing is so fond of preaching?

    Yeah, like I thought, just shut yer freakin chili hole and call this one a good thing for Apple.

  6. bobberty jones,

    Is there a site where one can get Phil Hendrie shows (legally)? Or are you recording it on your own? He used to be on where I live, but they replaced him with the human equivalent to Sominex…

  7. What I’d really like is audio of Dennis Miller’s HBO show, or even better, for Dennis to have a radio show. He and Bill Maher are two sides of the same coin. They should have a point-counterpoint type show. It would need to be on HBO or something similar though. CNBC neutered him.

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