RUMOR: Apple to hit 3GHz with G5 in early 2005, Quad G5 systems, PowerBook G5 coming soon?

“There is new evidence that Apple intends to not only hit 3GHz (shipping in Feb. or March) with its new PowerMacs to be announced early next year….it also intends to ship at least one, and quite possibly several, quad-processor/dual-chip 970MP systems in the same time frame. More on this in the coming week’s updates,” Mac OS Rumors reports.

“As for Powerbooks, the grapevine is leaning ever harder away from a jump directly to PBG5 in January; instead, a surprisingly modest PBG4 bump with an ‘unannounced G4 variant’ and Radeon 9800 Mobility graphics in the high-end appears to be in the cards. Some speculate that the ‘unannounced G4 variant’ is a dual-core Freescale chip, but so far that’s all it is — speculation,’ MOSR reports. “One thing that does appear to be predicted with some degree of confidence: at least one Powerbook model will receive an entirely new display along with some enclosure updates.”

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  1. I find it slightly humorous that MOSR felt compelled to note that the part about the unannounced G4 in the PB is just speculation. Isn’t everything on these rumor sites just speculation? Come on…

  2. Yeah, quad and more!

    A quad 1GHz should beat a single 3GHz and be cheaper. Now the megahertz myth is near death and clusters all the rage it’s about time Apple brought the technology in to the consumer area.

  3. Mac OS Rumors? Next up on MOSR, new Macs to be powered by cold fusion, and will feature anti-gravity repulsor pods in the enclosures, so your computer will hover several inches above the desk. Mac OS Rumors is as believable as the former Iraqi Minister of Information.

  4. quad processors is an idea whos time has finally come…

    since the days of the Mac “clones” when DayStar made the first quad processor .. (the Genesis MP 800) … Ive often wondered what the use of such a machine would be..

    But, with “Tiger” about to become a reality, and its native support for multi-processors… theres no reason not to release such a beast !

    Yep …. DayStar had the right idea… they just didnt have the OS to take advantage of it ..

  5. Note date of rumor on macrumors—7 Nov.
    and they were going to give an update on Nov 8….
    except that never happened.

    macrumors has gone down hill in the last year. I rarely visit it anymore.

  6. Gee whiz – great news……

    ….except while some people are getting hard over the idea of ‘quad processors’ and G5 powerbooks, lets remind ourselves of the lack of current chips due to manufacturing issues that continue to plague Apple and IBM.

    Im still waiting for my 2.5 G5 I ordered shortly after it was announced. Shit I must be patient.

  7. MOSR used to have actual rumors. Now it’s just pure “wouldn’t it be great” speculation. AppleInsider and ThinkSecret actually base their rumors on real sources, and most of the time, they have turned out accurate. Somewhere in the last few years, MOSR fell off the boat and never quite recovered….

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