Apple’s U2 iPod’s mirror-like quality ‘looks better in person than in official publicity shots’

“While the release of a different colored version of an existing product typically isn’t something to get excited about, there’s reason to believe that the iPod U2 Special Edition will be an exception to that rule. Actually, there are a couple of reasons,’ Jeremy Horwitz writes for iPodlounge.

“Like a number of other recent Apple products – and in no way the fault of the company’s generally superb photographers – the U2 iPod just looks better in person than it does in official publicity shots. For one, Apple’s switch from white to black plastic adds a subtle mirror-like quality to the front of the case, unexpectedly enhancing the iconic appeal of the iPod’s body design. Then there’s the Click Wheel. The white iPod’s use of a gray Click Wheel was more practical than stylish, but the red and white U2 Click Wheel – red background, white letters – is positively more attractive, if not as elegant,” Horwitz writes.

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  1. The ‘photos’ on Apple’s site are actually renderings from a 3D program which is why they all look so flat and perfect.

    Every Apple product I own looks better in the flesh than on the Apple site.

    How much more black could this be? A lot. How about black earphones, black cables and a black dock?

  2. MCCFR,

    Not so much ‘eclectic’ as ‘able to pull quotes from’! according to them, that’s the line Christopher Guest says when the Tap boys get their crates of black albums… Is it really from Hitch-hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, too?

  3. It’s from Spinal Tap, referring to “Smell the Glove.”

    Hitchhiker’s Guide *does* feature a sunship that truly could only be none more black, but the line isn’t there.

    “You flip a black switch labelled in black writing on black, and a little black light goes on black to tell you what it did”

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