Panic retires Audion MP3 player/encoder, offers application as freeware

Audion, the application, is officially retired. The developers, Panic, explain:

Now, when most software companies retire applications, they do it in the easiest way possible: they completely remove it from the market, pull all the downloads links, notify their customers, and move on with their lives. We can’t help but feel in our gut that, even if that’s what you’re supposed to do, it’s a harsh and, ultimately, drastic way to handle it.

We’ve really been searching our brains, trying to find the best way to handle this, so that we can move on, but still express our appreciation to everyone who supported us.

Thus, the good news: we’re making Audion completely free! That’s right


  1. “…Anyone know of a patch “program limiter” that I can apply to my entire music collection so the volume can be the same when I go to burn?….”

    Hey NightOwl…. if the tip mentioned by DanK doesnt do the trick .. theres a $20 plug-in available..Over Here..

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