Microsoft: ‘Internet Explorer is no less secure than any other browser, tabbed browsing not importan

“Internet Explorer (IE) is no less secure than any other browser and does not lack any important features, according to Microsoft. But the managing director of Cisco admitted that he wouldn


  1. No doubt that Microshaft has heard from many clients that they want a special feature in IE called SECURITY! How about making a secure browser with no holes that allow viruses, worms, trojans in, eh?

    Microsoft is the master at writing their version of history. Another example of someone thinking that if they say it enough times then it will be true.

  2. Once you’ve worked with tabbed browsing, you don’t want to go back. If you’ve never tried it (and/or don’t know about it), then no, it is not a feature you want. MS’s only hope is that people are such lemmings and so afraid of change that they’ll never try an alternative to see what they are missing.

    Come to think of it, that applies to OS’s too doesn’t it?

  3. Keep track of these MS comments. Lets start counting down the days when IE has a feature no body wants called “Tabbed Browsing”. But knowing MS, imitators of everything, innovators of none, they will call it something else.

    Even their newly revised search site looks eerily similar to Google, just like Windows was to Macintosh, their music store to the Apple iTunes Music Store, their “digital lifestyle” products to Apple’s digital lifestyle initiative and iLife suite of application.

  4. Well let me see, hmmm this “view” of what users want was brought to you by the same company that would call Windozs a good experience… trust this? Only when hell freezes over.

  5. Well, it should be obvious to even the most casual observer that tabbed browsing isn’t important to IE users. If it was, they wouldn’t be using IE now, would they? Duh.

  6. One more thing, the fact that MS is commenting on these types of topics is only further proof that it’s on their radar, translation= they are seriously concerned.

    Didn’t MS say that they were not interested in on-line music stores, and then they did a serious about-face a few months later.’

    Now they are commenting on Firefox not being a threat, translation = it is a threat because it is “spotlighting” the problems IE has. If you even look at the About IE information box on a PC, its copyright date is still fixed at 1995-2001.

    I thought the date was supposed to be updated every time an improvement, not a fix, was made.

    I don’t get me started on MS and the Xbox. Again, another product that lacked any innovation and whose only top game is a product not even created by MS, but Bungie. Why was the Xbox created, because of the futures of on-line subscription services already being done by Nintendo and Sony for their game consoles. “On-line subscription services without MS or Windows? We can’t let that happen. Must control, must dominate with inferior products and services.”

    And Halo was originally being developed for both the Mac and PC, but as always, MS put a stop to that.

  7. The ex-Iraqi information minister is now a consultant to Microsoft??

    I guess they think that for IE users it must be a case of “I do not want what I do not have.”

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