Apple iPod Socks now available for order, ship in early December

Dress your iPod up in any one of six vibrant color socks (green, purple, grey, blue, orange, and pink). This set of knit socks provides a stylish, fun, and practical way to protect your iPod. Fits all iPods for $29.00. Apple iPod Socks ship in early December.

So add a dash of color to your iPod with iPod Socks, the year’s coziest and most vibrant iPod accessory.

It doesn’t matter which iPod model you have because iPod Socks fit all of them. And it doesn’t matter what your mood is because each iPod Socks package includes six bright colors so you can pick the one that feels best. states, “Forgive us if we’re stating the obvious, but here’s how it works: Just slide your iPod into the sock to keep it safe and warm. Slide it out to dock or change playlists. It’s as easy as… putting on a pair of socks.”

More info and ordering information here.


  1. Same here. I seriously thought this was a joke. But then, there are so many great iPod accessories out there, I don’t know what Apple could have come up with that was new other than socks. iPod Cozies…nope. iPod Socks…Killer item. Now, wait for the version for athletes that have the stripes around the cuff.

  2. I think they are brilliant!!!

    $29 for stumpy socks!

    If your mother had knitted them for your xmas present you wouldn’t have known how to leave the room quick enough! Put an Apple logo on and Basta… winter cool. They’ll sell a million. My daughter wanted them straight away.

    …fabulous! The years best iPod accessory.

  3. “I think you need to have a vagina to appreciate this item. It certainly escapes me…”
    You’re right, they certainly do not double as condoms. Hey wait, that’s an idea: the iPod Condom! Waterproof. One size fits all iPods. Extra thin for for that sensible scroll wheel! One set with six colours for just $29!
    I’m off to the patent bureau!

  4. What’s with Apple? First they rate their own products; next they sell iPod socks. Is someone losing it over there? I know what the Micro-soft people can do with those socks; unfortunately, they are too small for me ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. They will sell a million. Many ipod users love the tactile feel of the ipod. Most of the current covers change that. Drop your ipod in a sock, throw it in your pack, when you need to use it you still have that tactile feel.

    What did you find in your Christmas stocking this year? Beats the hell out of coal or a Dell Pukebox. Same thing I guess.

  6. So a person in Chicago gets off the train in January, the temp is five degrees below zero and they’ve got to walk three blocks to work. Take a guess at the only iPod accessory that’ll keep it warm enough for the battery to last the entire three blocks. While I won’t be shelling out the $$ for them, I certainly see the use. I did my two block walk this morning in sub freezing temps and I can totally see people in cold climates considering this.

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