Windows Mydoom worm variant spreading in the wild; Macintosh unaffected

“Anti-virus software maker McAfee Inc. is warning about a new version of the Mydoom worm that infects computers of people who click on a link in e-mail they receive. The new version is a mass-mailing worm that does not contain an attachment, as some earlier versions of the worm program have done,” CNN/Money reports.

“A worm is a self-replicating computer program that — like a computer virus — can cause damage to a computer’s software by attaching itself to programs,” CNN/Money reports.

According to Symantec, systems affected include: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP.

Apple’s Mac OS X operating system is unaffected.

MacDailyNews Take: For our Windows-only friends, information about smoothly adding a safe, powerful, and fun Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal can be found here.

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  1. Think you are secure? Running all the latest 10.3.6 software, right? Want your passwords and identity stolen? Use Safari (Tabbed Browsing Enabled) on “The World’s Most Secure OS”.

    Try this little test

    You could EASILY have your passwords, account numbers, etc stolen on a supposedly secured connection with Safari. Apple has known about this for some time and done NOTHING about it. FireFox and Mozilla are affected as well. So much for security.

  2. NoPC, I hope you have read the whole page on the Secunia *test*:

    “Note: On Safari and Internet Explorer for Mac the demonstration does not work in tabs. Only when the link above is opened in a new window.”

    The *proof*… does not work.

    And if you do not open it in a new Tab (since anyway it does not work) it opens in the same window by default, hence it does not work again.

    One TRULY has to fight to make it work: I have not been able to so far.

  3. “You could EASILY have your passwords, …” blah, blah, blah.

    Tried hard to have this *proof* working. What has to be done? Does not work: nothing happens on the Secunia page. How stupid has the average Mac user be to make this *proof* working with Safari?

    Seems that even being as stupid as the average Windows users won’t be enough.

  4. The exploits shown by Security@Home are nowhere near as dangerous as what windows folks deal with because almost all of these are local exploits. While you can do things to the Macintosh when you are logged in, it is a completely different matter to break in from the outside. Since the applications are not built into the kernel and apps typically only run as the user id, grabbing hold of a Mac and taking it over is very difficult.

    Most the exploits for Windows are remote in nature, that is the hacker can get to the machine from the outside either through an exploit in IE or Outlook, or from one of the open ports Microsoft refuses to ship closed from the factory. It should not be possible to take over a computer by clicking on a link or getting an email. This is a fundamental design problem in Windows and Microsoft knows it. They are more interested in making it simple to do things (ie don’t prompt user for anything) than trying to lock things down. Microsoft until recently didn’t lose any money from all these viruses so they didn’t care what happened.

    Obviously with people moving to Mac, Linux, and Firefox they are beginning to rethink their business plan. In the mean time I’ll just sit back with my Mac and watch the Microsoft world turn into one giant forest fire.

  5. We all know that you must have an admin’s password to break into a Mac. Make life even more difficult for potential in-office-hackers by using the Alt and Alt-with-Shift characters. This way, you can have a rather easy password and the XP hackers have a difficult time getting in.

    You see, Microsoft OS CANNOT USE these characters in a password. In fact, just ask an XP user to type in a text document “��?�” and see how long it takes them. Mac OS X easily recognizes them. In fact, you can make your password VERY easy and quick such as “��??” by holding down the Alt key and simply drumming your fingers across “fghj”. My encrypted folders can have the very easy to type (drummed) password “?����������?���?” but be impossible to find randomly… especially by MS users.

    “ˆ�������ͨ�?�” = “Microsoft sucks” (with Alt held down)

    Using just A thru Z and 0 thru 9 for a password is very nonsecure and so… so… 8-bit DOS-like.

  6. “..using the Alt and Alt-with-Shift characters.”

    uhhh, Ive looked all over my keyboard and cant find my “Alt” key…

    Did one of you steal it from me ??

    Hey… if you want a secure password… just use the character you get by holding down the “option-shift K” key combo…

    That should drive potential hackers on WinCrap machines..nuts !!

  7. ?
    very good, i think he ment option key, not alt key, the alt key is a key found on a peecee, but I don’t know what it does, oh wait, on my ibook g4, it has in tiny letters above the “option”, “alt”. nevermind.


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