RealNetworks’ Rhapsody wins Billboard Digital Entertainment Award for Best Music Service

RealNetworks was among the big winners at the first annual Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards. The awards were held on November 5th at UCLA Covel Commons at Sunset Village in Los Angeles, California.

RealNetworks’ Rhapsody won Best Downloadable or Subscription Music Service, and the company’s Harmony service won Digital Music Innovation of the Year. In another music related category, Napster reigned supreme in the category of Best Digital Music Community.

Apple/Pixar CEO Steve Jobs was named Visionary of the Year while Apple picked up the honor for Brand of the Year.

The Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards celebrate vision, innovation, entrepreneurship and brand development in digital entertainment. With awards in 26 unique categories honoring achievements involving games, music and film, television and video, Billboard recognized the cutting-edge developments and forward thinkers shaping the future of entertainment.

Billboard created the awards ceremony in partnership with Digital Media Wire, the digital industry’s leading news organization and events company. Finalists were chosen by a panel of distinguished judges from the music, gaming and film/TV industries. Throughout the review and judging process, entries were evaluated on a point system based on specific criteria relevant to each category as set out in the category descriptions. Particular focus was given to innovation, creativity, content, interactivity and market success. For a list of judges please (which included executives from EMI Music, Yahoo, Microsoft’s Xbox Live, Electronic Arts, Sony Pictures Digital, and Warner Music Group) visit [url=][/url]

MacDailyNews Take: Utterly UFB. We’ll leave it there.


  1. Another example of the bad effects of using drugs! How the heck that piece of sh@t won “Best Downloadable or Subscription Music Service”? On the other hand in the subscription side of that award they’re clearly better than the Micro$oft’s junk, and that’s not much to say either!

    Steve Jobs was named Visionary of the Year while Apple picked up the honor for Brand of the Year.
    Now this they really got it right!

  2. That is UFB. I can see Napster with their little community function, but Real?! Come on. iTunes works way better than that Rhapsody crap. I’ve used all the services and iTunes is the better of them all for what you can do and what you can accomplish. Not to mention, everyone copied their model when it came to buying music on line. If it weren’t for Apple’s success, no one would have given a phuck about downloadable music. I guess market success weighed little in the scoring b/c no one can hold a feather to iTunes.

    Oh well.

  3. Ha ha. I won! Granted, I don’t have any customers to speak of and we’ll be broke by this time next year.

    Take that Steve Jobs – despite the runaway success of both your companies and your billions in net worth I got some awards from Billboard.

  4. Is billboard run by the RIAA? remember the big companies LOVE subscription services because they make money and dont have to actually give the customer anything.

    Alls this says is “Hey Steve, great idea, great job, but hey you are too customer friendly, you may have the best and most popular service, but we want to promote the same crap we have been trying to force on customers for the lst 5 years so maybe eventually they will buy into it. hopefully they will give us their money on subscriptions and we wont have to make any real or new music anymore because everyone will be so invested in their old stuff.”

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