New U2 album leaks out on file-sharing networks; band won’t up release date via Apple iTunes

“U2 will not bring forward the online release of the band’s new album, following news that it has leaked onto the Internet, Macworld has learned. U2 representatives told Macworld: ‘At present there is no plan to bring the album release date forward,'” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK.

“Last night it emerged that the new album – ‘How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb’ – has appeared on Internet file-sharing networks two weeks before it is due to go on sale, thus dismissing the possibility of its earlier debut on iTunes. The Irish rock band has been due to release the album on November 22 in Europe,” Haslam reports. “The reason for speculation that U2 would release the album early on iTunes is based on U2’s vow that it would do so, if the album was spotted on peer-to-peer services before its official release.”

Full article here.


  1. you would think lables could learn how to control this stuff by now. perhaps fire some people? better yet, do what the white stripes did, flood the internet with looped hooks the same length as the real song

  2. Apple users enjoy a reputation for being more likely to pay for software etc and less likely to pirate. This is a Very Good Thing as it gives developers more of an incentive to make things for the Macintosh. Everyone who loves the Macintosh platform should make a sincere effort not to steal and pay for shareware programs they use extensively. I think that should go for music too. If you like it enough to listen to it, you should like it enough to pay for it.

  3. Max, you’re right, it’s a waste of time downloading stuff for free and then wading through it to see if it’s any good. (As St. Steve has pointed out, all you peer-to-peer moochers are working for less than minimum wage. Guess you don’t have real jobs or anything.)

  4. If you were a U2 fan (and of course, I am not) it would be so tempting to download this album. It’s not released yet – you couldn’t hear this stuff any other way. And then you’d buy the album anyway in two weeks time.

    OK, let me try a geek analogy for you. Remember how everyone was passing around new tabbed versions of Safari before that update was released? They knew it was coming, but wanted to try it first.

  5. Yea it’s free, but I’m talking mainstream artists. Do you have any friends? I bet one of those friends has a CD of the artist in question. P2P groups might be good for hard to find and out of print albums. Then of course the thing everyone hates to hear – it’s illegal as far as the artists and record companies are concerned.

    Oh yea, Mike thanks for informing me I’m out of touch with reality.

  6. U2 Rocks! If the rest of the album is anywhere near as good as “Vertigo” I’ll be very happy.

    (Vertigo is available on iTunes – like you all didn’t know that already!)

  7. Max-
    What’s questionable quality ? The beauty of digital is that you can make a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, 400 billion times and your final version will sound the same as the first. Not like a photocopier where a copy of a copy etc over time you will notice the difference.

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