Apple iMac G5 ‘the ultimate compact computer, an iMac actually worth buying’

“You probably know that I use PCs more than Macs. That does not mean I cannot be objective about Apple computers. If they work well, there is nothing to stop me from liking them. One such example is the new iMac G5, which is the ultimate compact computer,” Ian Tan writes for The Electric New Paper. “Everyone has been raving endlessly about how good it looks, since the complete innards of a desktop computer have been crammed into a sleek monitor casing just 5cm thick. But is it just a pretty toy like its two predecessors?”

Tan writes, “One newspaper writer in Singapore claimed that this latest incarnation could equal the performance of a top-end Intel PC, but he obviously does not use the latter very often. After using the iMac for a week, I can tell you it is probably the equal of a mid-range PC. You can throw almost any computing task (except for games) at it and the iMac G5 will take it in its stride. Now I can finally tell my sister, who has been clamouring for one since 1999, that there is an iMac actually worth buying.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another, uh, glowing review of Apple’s iMac G5. Of note is that you can also throw adware, spyware, malware, viruses, worms, trojans, and other such Wintel PC niceties at Apple’s iMac G5 and nothing will happen, it’ll just keep on running fine.

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  1. fsckin morons.. it’s not a powermac.. so it’s not top-end.. it midrange..

    he says that, but as if it was a correction of the G5-ness

    you can tell your sister that Windows will not be getting better for a while now and she’s always had access to an eMac

  2. “……it’s not a powermac.. so it’s not top-end.. it midrange….”

    A point this yokel seems not to understand…

    Q.) What do you call a $4000 PeeCee ??

    A.) a piece of crap !!

  3. [Better slightly grudging praise than none at all!]

    Ah, the beauty of faint praise.

    John, if that wasn’t such a stupid comment, I’d say that you might be almost correct! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. “Of note is that you can also throw adware, spyware, malware, viruses, worms, trojans, and other such Wintel PC niceties at Apple’s iMac G5 …”

    One of the best MDN takes ever. Just brilliant.

    Have i told you lately how much i enjoy it here?

  5. Oh, BTW which iMacs weren’t worth buying?

    And why were they not worth buying?

    ‘Joe’ was thinking of going to a Singapore restaurant uptown from where he lives, but he doesn’t LIKE ‘Tan’. So, he’ll go to McDonald’s, it’s what he knows.

    Can you see the parallels in these two ridiculous ‘arguments’?

  6. You can throw games at it to and it will work just fine. Unreal 2004 plays really smooth. This may not be the top of the line G5 but it definitely has the power. Don’t be fooled by what these PC editors write.

  7. “Aryugaetu…

    So….what are you gonna put on the other 700 Mgs of space left over on those CDs ??”

    Nothing. It’s gonna vbe a REALLY expensive blank CD 😀

  8. NoMacForYou says, “The iMac is worth Buying? News to me…”

    NoMacForYou, if you weren’t so busy ridding your PC of malware you would have heard this long ago. SucksToBeYou?

  9. “The Bluetooth keyboard and mouse package ($184) along with the Airport Extreme card (for wireless connection to the Internet, $148) are needed upgrades.”

    That’s about the only thing I could really quibble about. They are needed, they are wanted to “not spoil the look.”

    I can’t comment on game performance, I don’t game. But I gather any mid-range PC with similar graphics would have similar issues, too.

    I suppose a 20″ monitor isn’t required, but who ever complained about a bigger screen – especially when it’s flat!

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