Enderle: Gateway’s MP3 Photo Jukebox ‘ahead of the Apple design curve, like the iPod of the next-gen

“Last Thursday Gateway launched what looks to me like the iPod of the next-generation. Sales data suggests that people want a mini-sized produce, and there has been wide speculation that Apple would be launching a color version of an iPod for some time. With Apple’s launch last week, a color display is now the cool new feature. A vendor anticipating these trends would be motivated to get ahead of the curve and bring out a mini product with a color screen,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld.

MacDailyNews Take: “Sales data suggests that people want a mini-sized produce?” You mean like those little ears of corn you can get down at the Dim E Chinese restaurant? For the record, we think Rob meant “product,” so [sic].”

“But what Apple announced was two large iPods, one black and red without the color screen (that makes you wonder if a black iMac is coming), and a big white one with a color display. There is little doubt that next year there will be an iPod Mini with a color screen,” Enderle writes. “Gateway, however, already has the first product that is ahead of the Apple design curve, and it did this by anticipating, rather than responding to, Apple.”

MacDailyNews Take: Rob’s wondering if a black iMac is coming. We assume he expects it to come without the color screen, too. Good ol’ Robbie sure has his finger on Cupertino’s pulse, huh? He’s the only person in the world wondering about black iMacs, when he’s not wondering if those black helicopters are coming for him, that is.

Enderle writes, “So, largely thanks to Apple, you can either wait for the product you want next year or you can buy Gateway’s small, silver, 4 GB, MP3 Photo Jukebox this year and have something closer to what you want for Christmas. Or you can settle for something less.”

MacDailyNews Take: Earth to Rob, we laugh when we see that thing from Beleaguered Gateway. Cold Hard Fact Alert: Apple will sell more iPods in this 90-day quarter alone than Gateway will sell units of that piece of junk in its entire product lifetime. “Settle for something less?” Who exactly is Rob trying to kid?

“In the end, Apple helped create the right product at the right time, but Gateway will benefit from it,” Enderle writes. “Regardless of what happens with Apple, the ideas, employees and history of the company will live on. The market has been incredibly enriched by this company, which is now transitioning into something new. But as they transition, companies like Gateway… are executing on many of the ideas and concepts that originated at Apple.”

Enderle writes, “Sometimes it really is about a place in history, and Apple’s place is now founded on the success of its children, each of whom are showcasing innovation in new and incredibly creative ways. As children often do, one may eventually grow to eclipse the parent.”

Full thing here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rob’s so off the deep end, he was last seen swimming around near the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Poor Rob really should’ve taken some oxygen along with him.

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  1. OK – so I couldn’t resist and went to read the full article, and tried the link to the picture of “Gateway’s Next Gen iPod”. The result, LOL:

    HTTP/1.1 404 Object Not Found

  2. Ummm. Corn. Add some lima beans, too.

    Rob may know nothing about Apple, the iPod, iMac. Powerbook, and other techno-issues, but he does know his produce!

  3. Wow, with 4gb I can hold very few of my tracks and/or pictures. I’ll have to pre-determine what music I want to listen to and what photos I want to share. No thanks Rob.

  4. Enderle comes out with more crap than an elephant that’s eaten a laxative!

    If Enderle and Ballmer ever got together we’d all be still using ZX81’s or commodore 64’s!

    Or god forbid…. DOS!


  5. Hmmmm, went to Elderle’s article to find what this Gateway photo thing looks like. Clicked on the link and it said “Object Not Found”. Wow, that “produce” must really be small….

  6. Sorry joe wanna laugh, didn’t see your post.

    Anyway, have a look at the “ultra-small computer” pictures in the article. They really are soooo small as to be almost useless, except for people on the road all the time (maybe).

  7. muuuhaaahahahah a h ah ha ha.. hehehe huhuhu… ooh boy this one is sohohooo hysterical it should be awarded the “Best Comedy Central” of the year. Anyway, I’ll say give the piss a chance!
    It’s obvious that the only way “they” can attract some (rather naive and lost) souls is to say that “they” actually invented Apple.. hahahaha.. what else? nuttin’, just a lil prayer maybe… oh, Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they say!

  8. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have yet to see Gateway advertise this product. And since they have shuttered all of their storefronts, they are going to have a hell of a time trying to compete, not only with Apple, but HP, Dell, Sony and the like.

    Good luck Gateway. Enderle, you’re on crack.

  9. ok, I’ll admit its one of the better looking non-iPod mp3 players, but 4 GB!!!!!! You’ve got to be kidding! I have a lot of pics, not sure how many Gigs, but its a lot….and cmon! 4GB is tiny!!!!!!!

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