Put an Apple Macintosh under your tree this Christmas

“Christmas is approaching so folks are asking me which computers to buy as gifts to place lovingly under the tree. It’s a hard question, but I can make some general comments that’ll help everyone,” James Derk writes for Scripps Howard News Service. “There’s the Mac and Windows decision. Once, this was a slam-dunk for Windows, given that there were far fewer software titles available for the Mac platform. Today, the decision is much harder. Today’s Macs can, with a little software help, run Windows applications with surprising aplomb. The Apple hardware is a work of design and technical art, so if the receiver is into that kind of thing, then add that to the mix. You’ll pay a tad more for an Apple box but not that much.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Compare features closely between Apple Macintosh and a Windows PC and you’ll be surprised to learn just how competitive are Apple’s Macs compared to PCs from Wintel box assemblers.

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  1. When I was a lad, if you were a bad boy then you’d get coal instead of Christmas presents. Today, if you are naughty, it’s a Dell PC loaded with Windows XP and a Dell DJ. Nooooooooooo!

  2. Have a switcher story from earlier this morning. A lady I work with approached me to see if I’d mind looking over a couple iBooks she just purchased from eBay. She said her kids were using the internet more and more and she was just tired of the viruses and spyware problems. Good stuff.

  3. If you want to switch a few more people… you might want to take them to a Grand Opening of an Apple Store, and be among the first few in line…

    If youve never attended such an event, its like nothing youve ever experienced before !

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