Mossberg: Apple iPod Photo ‘a winner, if a little pricey’

“Last week, Apple released a souped-up version of its wildly popular iPod called the iPod Photo. Unlike earlier iPods, this new model has a vivid color screen and can store and display up to 25,000 photos. It retains the usual music storage and playback functions as well. You can view your photos on the iPod itself or on the screen of any TV that’s handy, using a clever cable that comes with the new iPod,” Walter S. Mossberg reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“This week, my assistant Katie Boehret and I tested this latest addition to the iPod family, which costs $499 or $599, depending on capacity. We also tested a competing music player from iRiver America that claims to store and display photos in a similar way — the $330, 20-gigabyte iRiver H320. This player also comes in a 40-gigabyte version for $430,” Mossberg reports.

“Our verdict: The iPod Photo was just as easy, and satisfying, to use with photos as it is with music. It’s a winner, if a little pricey. But the iRiver player is complicated and clumsy… in terms of simplicity and ease of use, it doesn’t begin to compare to the iPod Photo. Physically, it’s about the same size as the iPod, though slightly thicker, but that’s where the similarities end. The H320’s nine buttons frustrated us right away because they don’t include a scrolling device like Apple’s wheel that would have helped us move through long lists of songs or pictures within the player’s vast hard disk,” Mossberg reports. “We can’t recommend the iRiver for average, nontechnical users. But the new iPod Photo is a great choice for storing and sharing digital photos. We just hope it comes down in price.”

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  1. just bought an ipod photo 40gig. love it, the screen resolution is better than i thought it’d be.

    no the pricing scheme will never change. if anything they’ll add a new ipod mini and start that at $249, and bring the 4gig to $200.

    there’s no reason to change the pricing scheme, but only move things down.

    i do wish ipod photo was bluetooth, so i could just transfer stuff wirelessly.

  2. focker >> can you imagine how long it would take for bluetooth to transfer for example 100 MB of pictures ?

    i would suggest wifi .. in the cameras as well as in the iPod

  3. Why do some commentators always seem to want to commoditize products? If the iPod is selling out and the iRiver isn’t, then the former is too cheap and the latter is too expensive — by definition. For chrissakes, you can get equally drunk drinking a Bud as you could by drinking a pricier Veuve Cliquot. The experience is just not the same.

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