U.S. National Security Agency gives security guidance for Mac OS X

“The National Security Agency has posted a 109-page document on its Web site telling agencies how to securely install and use Apple Computer Inc.


  1. “It calls for ‘very strong user passwords’ for Apple�s FileVault encryption routines. NSA plans to issue later guidance for using Mac OS X systems with authentication through the military�s Common Access Card and other government smart cards.”

    So, does this mean that if you are running Windows, you should use weak passwords?

    At least they are trying it now. As soon as they get comfortable with it, maybe they will realize that their security just got a whole lot better. Hope Apple is has a communication channel open to these installations and is keeping an eye on this new market.

  2. Actually, this is a pretty interesting read. It’s far more than an install guide. It appears to be an introduction to OS X and its various features, with an emphasis on security.

  3. This is significant news and lends validity to Apple’s forays into the enterprise market with Xserve.

    People’s tolerance of spyware, virii, etc. seems to be reaching the breaking point so now, it’s okay to look outside the window (pardon my poor pun)

  4. Norman the file is only 3.1 mb just click on the link and safari will download it quickly and if you have Schubert softwares PDF viewer plugin for Safari itll load right in the browser and you can save it from there.

  5. This is a significant news item. It is validation that the NSA is seeing a growing user community in the government and defence industries.

    Look for more of these guides to encompass the OS X server product.

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