Report: Apple iMac G5 in high demand, far exceeding available supply

“Demand for Apple Computer’s new all-in-one iMac G5 has risen sharply over the last 3 weeks, according to information gathered from internal company data. The surge in demand is currently far exceeding available supply of the computers, and shows few signs of slowing, leading insiders to believe the iMac is poised to become a hot seller this holiday season,” AppleInsider reports.

“The company’s iBook consumer laptops are also in strong demand after being refreshed last month. However, the iBook remains a G4-based computer and will likely see a supply and demand balance before G5-based iMac, due to constraints associated with the G5 microprocessor,” AppleInsider reports.

Full article here.


  1. I know it can’t be easy to judge what the demand will be, but why is Apple so frequently off when trying to supply their computers? It would seem that keeping up with demand may actually start to swing marketshare more their way (not trying to start an argument about marketshare, though).

    Is it IBM that’s causing the backlog?

  2. what apple needs to do is have a huge warehouse filled with millions of these things before they show them off…

    but I guess if they did that with the cube, they’d still have a full warehouse.

  3. can’t afford one either. but i guess i can make money by buying and selling AAPL for a profit. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    it’s gonna go through the roof, baby.

  4. iggyB.

    Yes it is IBM that is causing the shortages. This has been well-known for months since Apple reported it and numerous articles have been written.
    Apple doesn’t keep large inventories because it costs money to do so and is a dangerous way to run a business. They generally manage product levels well, particularly when their suppliers actually provide the chips needed for computers and mini drives needed for the iPods on a timely basis (as they promised).

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