Apple: ‘Opener’ is not a virus, Trojan horse, or worm

“After a week of contemplation, Apple has announced that the ‘Opener’ malware program blighting OS X is not a virus – although the security community disagrees,” Dan Ilett reports for ZDNet UK. “Discovered a week ago, the Opener program


  1. Symantec declared that Mac owners were protected if they had kept their antivirus software up to date.” Ilett reports.

    Sheesh people are acting like it’s an epidmic,
    How many computers have been infected, I bet I count them on my hands.

  2. Hey, beryllium

    What, exactly, is an “acorym” (to which you have such vehement objections)? Do you mean “acronym”? Man, if you’re going to be self-righteous, at least be RIGHT!

  3. Well, we have all � as mac users � been saying that OSX is safe, and if this is the best that the underground can come up with, I have nothing to worry about. The only way this thing spreads is by the users’ own stupidity. Hell, anyone getting infected by this should have an honourable mention in the Darwin Awards.

  4. Anti-virus software? I vaguely remember something called Norton Anti-Virus but since it would constantly crash my computer and disrupt the operation of other mission critical applications I deemed it malware and disposed of it. Since then my computer has been safe and stable.

  5. The security companies have said that Opener is not in the wild and is not spreading so as far as I can tell it is another “proof of concept”, albeit a nasty one. I wonder who actually came up with this? Truth can be stranger than fiction.

    So anyway, even if you class Opener as a virus, there are still no viruses in the wild for OS X. We should not be complacent though, one will come along someday. I think the Mac community will deal with it swiftly when it does however. Just be smart and don’t provide your admin password for suspect downloads and everyone should be fine.

    This is a great article on why the Mac is more secure, and always will be:

  6. I’d have to say, I only partly agree with Apple over this. I agree that Opener is not a virus, but I’m not certain I would say it’s not a trojan. Given the proper incentive, a user could be trick into installing it on their machine, and once installed, it would attempt to spread to other machines the user has access to. Of course, no one has actually proved that it could spread, just that it tries to, but that said, if you were a system admin, that got tricked, you could compromise your entire network.

    But seeing as the thing can’t spread across the internet, and requires administrator access, and user approval, I’d agree that calling it a virus is a bit much. And seeing as how no one created the ultimate program to trick users into installing it, it doesn’t technically qualify as a trojan either.

    Though, since Mac users should be running antivirus software, just to aid in the protection of their PC brethren, then I’d rather have the antivirus companies monitor for it than not.

  7. Installing expensive anti virus software because of this sorry excuse of a trojan/virus/whatever is like buckling up in a drive-in movie theater when a car chase starts on the screen.
    Sorry, Symantec, no business here!

  8. allgood2, if u are an admin and u get tricked! then you should be fired immediately!! what kind of fscking stupid admin is downloading shit from p2p services?? lol
    anyway even then he would still have to enter his admin passowrd on every computer for it to work right?? or am I wrong?? I’m asking a question here i’m not sure if an admin can do it over a network?. But it’s funnie how these product companies have to tryin to force us to buy their products! they broadcast it on CNN like Osma Bin Laden had just bombed another place in the states or something. Truly SAD!

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