Survey says interest in ‘iPod Video’ low; results do not bode well for Microsoft

“According to a survey, Europeans are not interested in a gadget that would play music and video. The survey by Jupiter Research found that just five per cent are interested in a device that plays both music and video. Over a quarter (27 per cent) were only interested in a gadget that just plays music. Jupiter questioned 5,000 consumers from Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and Italy,” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK. “The findings go some way to back up Apple CEO Steve Jobs claims that there is no market for portable video on the iPod. He doesn’t believe that people would want to watch movies on the small screen, in public.”

“The results do not bode well for Microsoft Corp., which has embarked on an ambitious effort to kickstart a new market for digital devices that play music and movies on its Portable Media Center software. And Apple Computer has announced plans to introduce souped-up iPods that enable consumers to view photos as well as listen to songs,” Reuters reports. “The problem with the do-everything-devices is they are too bulky, too pricey and there is a relative shortage of multimedia content to play on them, according to Ian Fogg, a Jupiter Research analyst.”

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  1. I may be in the minority, but I have been waiting for a simple technology that would allow me to play my iphoto slideshows on my TV. For me at least, to be able to bring my digital photo colection to say, my Grandmothers house, and have her enjoy the pictures of her great grand kids is briliant!

    I’m a little bumbed that Apple needs to take the just say no to video stance, as syncing Imovie files easily to an ipod for remote TV playback seems like a fun, usefull feature as well, IMHO of course.

  2. ipod photo is a great idea. I’d love to be able to carry around slideshows to friends houses and play them on their TV’s. Gotta wait for the price to come down though. As for portable video, can you say ibook???

  3. The iPod Photo is one of things we didn’t realize we needed until Apple introduced it. Using it as a digital portfolio for artists & other creative professionals to show slides on a clients TV is just one use.

    Video will be next. By the time Apple figures out how to get the video into the current sized iPod then sources of content will have caught up. Give it 2-3 years and we’ll be there.

  4. I can’t even see myself toting around 100 songs, but there seems to be millions of people that do. The same may be true for many people in regards to photos. There are MANY instances where someone may want to keep a library of photos with them in a small, very portable size, but don’t want or need to truck around an larger and much more expensive laptop…

    – Sales Presentations
    – Instructional Aid
    – Model/Artist Portfolio
    – Maps
    – Complex Sequence of Instructions w/ Illustrations
    – Missing Children or Wanted People/Vehicle Photos for Police Officers on Patrol
    – Building Plans for Firefighters
    – Airport Data (Runway Configs) for Private Pilots
    – Hiking & Biking Trails
    – Waterway Depths and Other Map Info for Boaters
    – Real Estate Sales Photos and Floor Plans
    – Vendor Product Catalog

    I really think the Apple staff did some major market research before they invest millions of dollars into a new product, unlike “zzzzzzzzz” who probably has too much beer and not enough life (or imagination) to think about the world beyond his four walls.

  5. can you imagine an iPod Photo that can play PDFs, Keynote & Power Point presentations directly to the TV out? What a good portable presentation system we would have.


  6. “Over a quarter (27 per cent) were only interested in a gadget that just plays music” which means that if 5% want a video iPod that would translate to about 1/4 of folks who are interested in an iPod would be interested in a video iPod – that is quite high.

  7. The problem with video is that it demands your full attention. Photos only require a quick view. I don’t see the portable DVD players flying off the shelves and those players have content.

    I think Steve is on game with this decision. The only way I would like to see video implemented is as QT files. Personally if the Photo iPod could present Keynote presentations I would have one for each hand. As it is I have to wait for my PhotoPod for my next computer purchase for tax reasons.

  8. I agree, I have no interest in a video iPod or video Windows Media device. I’m not going to watch video squinting at a 3.5″ or smaller screen. If I truly need portable video, a 12″ PowerBook or iBook is portable enough for me.

  9. I think iPod photo is a great idea. I like knowing that all my family photos are backed up and I can take them with me. ( I know, this could have been done with the earier iPods as well, but it is easier and more fun with iPod photo ). I am going to be purchasing a 60GB iPod photo which will double as my offsite backup solution.

    Most backups are stored at home. In case a fire you can still lose all your data/backups ( among other things ). Furniture and legal documents are replaceable, but family photos are not. Having a backup in my pocket is a great idea.

  10. 5 percent pretty much sums up the wisdom on portable moving images. No one wants it, no one ever has and no one ever will. The mistake MS are making – and a lot of people on here too – is that tiny portable video has DOES have a novelty value, which lasts about 3 hours, then it’s dead. I mean how many bloody times is anyone going to want to show their granny 2 inch videos of their bloody kids? (never mind the fact that Gran’s eyes probably went about 20 years ago). This is a typical errr, short-sighted Gates argument.

    No, all the iPod has REALLY done is add a colour screen – which was inevitable. What the iPod should be – and IS – is simply a carrying device, a small hard disk you can upload any data onto and download – in a usable frmat, it to anywhere else. And one external ‘terminal’ to download to it is the speakers in your headphones. Don’t confuse the iPod for something it isn’t, Apple don’t.

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