Spyware plagues Windows users while Mac users surf Net with impunity

“Spyware, an amorphous class of software that mostly gets onto computers without their users’ knowledge, has become epidemic in the past year as people spend more time online and spyware developers get more aggressive. The resource-hungry programs often render machines unusable,” The Associated Press reports. “‘It makes spam look like a walk in the park,’ said Bob Bowman, chief executive of Major League Baseball’s Internet unit, which in June started banning new advertisers from using such techniques. San Francisco marketing consultant David Eckstein turned on his computer one day and launched his Web browser, just as he had every day. This time, however, CNN.com did not automatically open. Instead, the page was a search engine he’d never heard of. Eckstein tried changing the browser settings back to CNN but the search engine would return whenever he rebooted. Finally, he just gave up, yet another victim of spyware. ‘It makes you want to throw your computer out the window,’ Eckstein said.”

MacDailyNews Question: Why doesn’t it make you want to throw Windows off the computer? Add a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal and see how Mac users surf the Net with impunity; it’s easy – more info here.

“Matt Davin, technical services manager at a repair shop in Walla Walla, Wash., estimates that half his jobs are directly tied to spyware,” AP reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Wow! It would seem to be very lucrative for certain businesses to keep as many people on Windows as possible.

AP reports, “Congress is working on a ban, and industry groups have launched efforts to educate consumers and fight back with technology. Experts believe a solution will ultimately involve a combination of law enforcement, education and engineering. ‘We’re at a crossroads,’ said Ari Schwartz, associate director of the Center for Democracy and Technology, a privacy-advocacy group. Fail to properly address spyware, Schwartz warned, and ‘users will not want to use the Internet for commerce, for government services, for interaction with other people. We’ll lose the great potential of the Internet.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We use Mac OS X machines. We have no spyware problems. It’s just a fact. No need for Congressional acts here, thanks. For information about smoothly adding a powerful, amazing, and fun Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal, please click here.

Listen, we’re not kidding and we have sympathy as we enter the holiday season, because we’ll be confronted with some relatives who insisted on buying Windows machines a few years ago. “You have to fix this computer for me, I caught a virus or something,” they will plead as usual. And we’ll have to clean off tons of dreck from their Windows PCs. Again. And in less than a week, it’ll all be back again, too, with some new junk to boot. There is a better way. It is called Macintosh. It’s time.

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  1. Fight back! Buy a Mac!

    Why get congress involved. Havn’t they done enough damage.

    Since you are at a crossroads, why not try a new path! Get off that Microsoft road�Think Different�Switch…Mac is the future. Windows is the� well windows is windows.

  2. It’s time for some tough love, MDN. Stop being co-dependent and enabling your family’s dysfunctional behavior by cleaning up their messes.

    I cut my family off last year – I told them that I switched to the Mac to get away from all that spyware-virus-insecure Windows crap and I just don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to help them with Wintel problems anymore.

    Fast forward a year (past their grumbling and futile attempts to lure or bribe me back) and now my parents are now using a new iMac G5 and my siblings each have laptops (12″ iBook and 17″ PowerBook G4, respectively.)

  3. That’s it, encourage everyone to switch. Sooner or later Mac usage will reach a critical mass and someone, somewhere, will make spyware for the Mac OS.

    I want everyone to blame MDN when that happens.

  4. I did the same thing Twang. I told them that since I didn’t use Windows anymore, I was too rusty when it comes to using it and therefore I don’t know how to fix all of it’s problems anymore. I’ve had one family member switch over to the Mac already and another is seriously considering it. I think of it as tough love too.

  5. Yep. That’s the way. Just say you don’t know anything abbout windows. I use windows at work, but I just tell people we have tech support people to sort out windows problems. I’m a programmer, not a caretaker (janitor).

  6. I regularly forward these articles to my friends and family list. So far, two iMac G5s sold to former PC users. They really are clueless. Also, whenever I go to a party I take pictures and then spend 5 minutes uploading the photos to my .Mac site and email them a link. They are amazed by this!

  7. Fight back! Buy a Mac!

    Why get congress involved. Havn’t they done enough damage.

    Since you are at a crossroads, why not try a new path! Get off that Microsoft road�Think Different�Switch…Mac is the future. Windows is the� well windows is windows.

  8. mac dood.. to some it’s news that apple is still around…

    thank goodness for the ipod..

    the halo effect is really starting to touch people.. i know.. i’ve had people talk to me about getting macs for the first time, after their ‘value-rich windows system’ was destroyed by virii…

    i’ve overheard people in the labs talking about their next comp. being a mac..

    I’m very diplomatic about it.. but.. hehe.. i like Peter’s response..

    ignorance will bite back with “no one attacks the mac because it has no users..”

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