Inexplicable iMac G5 review focuses on Apple hardware and how you can run Windows on it

“There aren’t fashion shows in New York and Paris to unveil new computer styles, but if there were, Apple would steal the headlines,” Chris Cobbs writes for The Orlando Sentinel. “Most PCs look alike: boring silver or black boxes. Apple products, however, are different, forcing the eye to linger on clean, understated design.”

“The latest minimalist fashion statement from Apple is the iMac G5, a slim, rectangular slab housing both monitor and computer, poised atop a curved aluminum stand… But the iMac offers more than aesthetic appeal and space-saving potential. It’s one serious computer, built around Apple’s speedy G5 processor, previously found only in the PowerMac G5 line,” Cobbs writes.

“You’ll want 1 gigabyte or more if the idea of making your iMac double as a Windows system has appeal,” Cobbs writes. “Microsoft’s Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 with Windows XP Professional, the newest version of a program that supplies this dual capability, needs at least 256 MB of memory for itself. The program allows a Mac to simulate a Windows system, a benefit to users who need to run software from the vast Windows universe.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Cobbs then spends the last half of his article discussing Virtual PC and how to get Windows XP running on the iMac. He tests out Office – using Virtual PC to run Windows XP to run Office!!! He makes no mention of Mac OS X and the article sounds like he fired up the iMac, installed Virtual PC and spent all his time running Windows XP. He probably felt very warm and safe that way. It would have been nice for him to at least mention that Microsoft’s Office 2004 for Mac is actually better than Windows Office (even Microsoft says so) and runs natively on the Mac.

Some people don’t get it, but they do help illustrate just how far Apple has to go to get to some people. This guy would get an Audi A8 to review, cover all the leather seats with nylon SpongeBob seat covers from Wal-Mart, chain a fifteen ton block of concrete to it, and then write about how he got it to feel really close to his Ford Escort. (Want more? Check out Cobbs’ review of the Apple’s 23-inch Cinema HD Display where he states, “The display makes Windows look as good as it possibly can.” You can’t make this stuff up, folks.)

Read the article – it’s about beautiful Apple hardware and how you can run Windows on it. No mention of Mac OS X, iMovie, iPhoto, iCal, iSync, Safari, Mail, Sherlock, GarageBand, iChat AV… please excuse us while we go pull our hair out.


  1. not the defend this guy, but if you invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars in windows software, it’s nice to know your investment is not wasted when buying a mac…

    but, yes, the guy could have at least mentioned some Mac software…

  2. Some people think Windows is a personal computer. They are stuck so far in the box that they cannot ever hope to get out. Poor bastard. He covers up the world’s most advanced operating system just to get back to his comfortable Windows crap. Unbelievable!

  3. I’ve lived in orlando for about 15 years before moving to miami for college, and this guy is horrible. If he weren’t such a bad writer, I’d say he was in Microsoft’s pocket, but I think even they want writers who can write an interesting piece. This article is really nothing new from him, as sad as that is.

  4. I bought a new Mini Cooper so I could set it in the bed of my old rusty pickup truck. I often sit in it and remark how nice it rides as my wife drives the pickup down the highway.

  5. Hey, if this article gets some windoze users to buy a Mac, more power to him. Hehe, what a weird, wacky way to get a person to switch, though. “Don’t worry, it will run windows” HAHAHA But we all know that they would have to try out the underlying OS X at some point, right? Right? What’s that you say? Anyone that would switch like this might be dumb enough to continue to only use windows on it? Naw….

  6. Well if this is a MS brown noser then lets have a few more. While it seems stupid to buy a Merc and then strap buffalo horns to it if there are people out there who can be persuaded to do it then its great for the business isn’t it. Simple fact is that Apple have no chance of increasing market share until Macs can work pretty seemlessly within the PC commmunity and be shown to do so when it needs to and even if it doesnt need to I suspect. That is improving all the time but while there are plenty of barriers that still lessen the experience for new users there is no real chance of a big surge to the platform especially when we have sales people still telling potential buyers that you can’t use Microsoft software on it or it simply isn’t compatible with pc’s. The more people telling the pc crowd that they can use Mac hardware the better even if they are doing arse about face.

  7. uhhhh…. I dunno…

    But the thought of spending the cash to buy a perfectly cool iMac G5 …. THEN .. spending MORE .. money to buy Virtual PeeCee… (which is now made by the Evil Empire) ..JUST.. so you can run that Virus Magnet operating system on it…

    Is it just me…


    Is there something seriously wrong with this picture ??

  8. Perhaps Cobbs is planting a trojan even if he doesn’t know it. We all know about the Mac so this article seems absurd, but imagine it from the perspective of a person who has only ever used Windows. I f one of these buys an iMac for the style alone then it won’t be long before they realize that the rest of it is just as amazing and they will be using VPC less and less.

    Just a side note: last night I watched a local news article on TV about the birthday of the internet, which was 35 years old this week. They did a bunch of cuts and short interviews of kids using computers in local schools, professionals, scientists,and business people. What struck me was that out of the dozen or so computers they showed these people using, most of them were Macs. So how can this be when Macs have such a tiny market share as all this analysts are so quick to point out?

  9. dont forget that everytime you install Virtual PeeCee, those statistician schmucks count your Mac as a PeeCee running Windoze thereby increasing their market share, and reducing the Mac market share to 2% (according to the latest numbers that they published).

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