Apple up in early NASDAQ trading, hits new intraday 52-week high

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL) are up $0.48, or 1%, to hit a new 52-week intraday high of $48.45 per share on volume of 1,452,644 in morning NASDAQ trading. Apple’s previous 52-week high, set on October 19, 2004, stood at $48.35.

NASDAQ Apple quote (15-minute delay) here.


  1. The U2 iPod is the most stupid thing I have seen, or at least the justification for the higher price is.

    Any real U2 Fan will already have most of the Albums!!!! so there is little value in the $50 voucher as it is unlikely that they will want to buy the box set anyway!

    At $149 for 16 albums the price is about $9.31 per album … this is not that cheap … but there are also extra songs. I am not sure how many of these they will sell but it is worth a try

  2. As of last week Apple stock was the 3rd best performing stock in the S&P 500- quite a feat. It could well finish the year as THE #1 performing stock in the S&P 500.

    There have been three losers in this equation:
    1 Those who sold their Apple stock when it bottomed a couple of years back.
    2 Those who didn’t buy during the time that it languished in the low-teens.
    3 Those people still using Windows PCs.

  3. Apple’s Market Cap (Total Value of Stock) is almost $19 Billion. Take that with approx $5.5 Billion in cash reserves and NO DEBT. The next time someone starts a rant about Steve Jobs’ pay and perks point this out. No bad for a college drop-out.

  4. …One more thing.
    If you had invested $100 US in Apple 5 years ago you would now have holdings worth almost $130. If you had invested the same $100 in Microsoft you would have about $60.

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