Signs point to Apple adding to their 30 million Mac users via ‘iPod Halo Effect’

“Some analysts say that bringing the iPod to Windows was the marketing move that made the iPod the white-hot commodity it is today. But could it do more? While analysts say it is too early to tell whether the iPod will directly boost Mac sales, there are signs that it could tease users away from Windows. Rod Bare, an Apple analyst at Morningstar, forecasts that iMac sales will grow from 3.3 million at the end of 2004 to 4 million by 2006, which would mean a slight increase in Apple


  1. The iPod Halo Effect is more than just people liking iPod/iTunes. It’s the coolness factor and brand recognition associated with the iPod. Apple is a hot company right now with cool products. People have noticed.

    Now if only Apple would advertise OSX.

  2. Everyone should write to Red Herring and tell them Enderle is now widely discredited in the tech world.

    Rob is now the principal analyst at Enderle Group because they now have a second, Mary Enderle. She’s not as good as Rob yet but they’re working at it.

  3. iPod uPod we all pod for lack of market share?

    Hey Mr. Kerry! What’s on your iPod?

    The Presidential Debates
    The Vice Presidential Debates
    Mao’s Little Red Book
    (As read by Susan Sarandon)
    The Dixie Chicks sing “I’m Just a Bill”
    The Joseph Goebbels guide to political campaigns

  4. Enderle is no longer pooping Apple directly…instead, he is subtly painting Apple’s focus away from the computer and towards the iPod. Technically, he is correct…the iPod is the hottest thing on the planet, but his real and true intentions are to poop the Mac. He is proven biased with intent to harm and if a little positive towards the iPod in order to do so works, he will do it, and then later he will find a way to poop the iPod. This guy, his wife, and Thurrawthroat are out
    to hurt Apple, period. Their noses are brown and will remain so to Win$in.

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