Apple debuts iPod Photo with color screen, holds up to 25,000 digital photos

Apple today introduced iPod Photo, the newest member of the iPod family that lets you take your entire music and photo library with you wherever you go. iPod Photo holds up to 25,000 digital photos alongside your music library and displays them on its stunning high-resolution color screen, allowing you to scroll through your photo library almost instantly using iPod’s patent pending Click Wheel. iPod Photo lets you combine your music and your favorite photos to create magical slideshows on your iPod, and features TV-out for sharing your slideshows on big screen televisions and projectors. iPod Photo comes in 40GB or 60GB models which hold up to 10,000 or 15,000 songs, and its extended battery life gives users up to 15 hours of music playback or up to 5 hours of slideshows.

“Having both your entire photo and music collections with you wherever you go is the next big thing,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO in the press release. “Everyone has a digital camera and wants to enjoy and share their growing library of digital photos wherever they are. Unlike video content, photo content is free and abundant, and there are no copyright issues to deal with.”

With its vivid color screen and backlight, iPod Photo displays crisp, clear photos both indoors and outdoors, so users can take their digital photo collection wherever they go and easily share their memories with family and friends. iPod Photo creates an entirely new iPod experience in full color for viewing album artwork, calendars, contacts and games, adding even more excitement to iPod.

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  1. Why buy an iPod Photo? Almost every decent digital camera will do the same thing. Extra flash memory chips for cameras are really getting cheap.

    This certainly is a new toy for the more money than brains crowd.

  2. Al

    I don’t have much (many?) brains, and I don’t have much money. But, what the heck, I’ve just ordered the iPod Photo (so even less money!).

    It appeals to me!


  3. Same people complaining about the U2 iPod. Just because you don’t like it, are you willing to claim that this one isn’t going to be a hit?

    “This certainly is a new toy for the more money than brains crowd.” That’s hard to believe…

    MDN has had a lot of whiners lately…..

  4. I don’t have bottomless pockets, and don’t get paid a ton, but this is what I’ve been waiting for since my 2G iPod; if that means I have more money than brains, so be it. I ordered mine already.

  5. this is so cool, there is a market for this, people have ben asking for this, everyone wants one, the people who don’t get one will be crying on christmas morning, end of story, now then, have to find my mom and convince her that I need one.

    You can put porn on it too.

  6. Ron J, you make a great point. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    I know I would like one so that I can show family and friends even MORE photos of my daughter.

  7. /// ‘ipod video’ with 100gb hard drive, wireless and bluetooth av in and out ports! ///

    With Apple’s current tiered pricing structure, a 100GB iPod with Wireless, Bluetooth and AV In/Out ports would cost $899, or roughly the price of a low-end iBook.

  8. wake up.. this is how companies popularize more powerful computers and sell stuff..

    by making something once though to be ‘more than you need’ more and more accessible.

    if apple never upgraded its OS or any of its apps, you would never need to buy a new pc..

    this is how the market works… and as time goes by, the prices fall too…

    this is an early adopter thing, but.. *gah.. can you imagine.. this is the only thing in the world that trumps the ‘basic’ iPod.. whoda thunk it?

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