Apple debuts iPod Photo with color screen, holds up to 25,000 digital photos

Apple today introduced iPod Photo, the newest member of the iPod family that lets you take your entire music and photo library with you wherever you go. iPod Photo holds up to 25,000 digital photos alongside your music library and displays them on its stunning high-resolution color screen, allowing you to scroll through your photo library almost instantly using iPod’s patent pending Click Wheel. iPod Photo lets you combine your music and your favorite photos to create magical slideshows on your iPod, and features TV-out for sharing your slideshows on big screen televisions and projectors. iPod Photo comes in 40GB or 60GB models which hold up to 10,000 or 15,000 songs, and its extended battery life gives users up to 15 hours of music playback or up to 5 hours of slideshows.

“Having both your entire photo and music collections with you wherever you go is the next big thing,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO in the press release. “Everyone has a digital camera and wants to enjoy and share their growing library of digital photos wherever they are. Unlike video content, photo content is free and abundant, and there are no copyright issues to deal with.”

With its vivid color screen and backlight, iPod Photo displays crisp, clear photos both indoors and outdoors, so users can take their digital photo collection wherever they go and easily share their memories with family and friends. iPod Photo creates an entirely new iPod experience in full color for viewing album artwork, calendars, contacts and games, adding even more excitement to iPod.

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  1. The U2 iPod�s color–in a word–blah. White earbuds, chrome, black and that ugly red bullseye. Who designed this, Ray Charles? Blah. The color iPod also disappointing. No video play even when hooked up to a TV. No FM radio. No voice recording. Less skip protection. Thicker. Heavier. Way more expensive. At least the battery life is better. If it wasn’t for the interface, there would be no reason at all to get the iPod, but as it stands, it’s still the best only for that. Really disappointed though. I’ll hold off for someone to get it right.

    Some things are only available on radio. Talk radio. NPR. The news. During the blackout in NYC, those that had portable FM radios were clued in to what was going on in the chaos in the street. The rest were wandering clueless asking what was going on, what routes were open in/out of the city, etc.

    Also, many iPod users are feeling reality disconnect. Even with every CD in my collection, one of the best ways to hear new music is to scan through the radio (online or FM).

    Also, lots of information posts (universities, parks, etc.) broadcast in small areas over FM. The iPod sorely needs an AM/FM radio. They could even innovate here by doing Radio TiVo right. Boom, skip commercials during Howard, Rush, etc.

    Also, it’s clear they are overlooking a big creative market by not offering an integrated combo media reader for at least SD/MMC (at least on the high end units).

    For the life of me I can’t figure why they would not enable video viewing on this thing. Which gets to a bigger problem. If they weren’t such total control freaks and opened the development of software to other developers, I’m sure some 3rd party would have written video viewing software long ago.

  2. I love it and I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is and buying one (60GB prob.) – Just think how many people you could bore/irritate with your holiday snaps ………. fantastic

  3. Yea, they really should’ve come out with a headless iPod so that it could be more competitive in price with the flash players. Also, it doesn’t even wipe my a$$. Who would want that?

  4. I suspect design constraint (trying to maintain the same profile across the product line) dictates the necessity for a custom video jack. Reworking the design to accomadate a standard plug would screw up the design. Afterall, isn’t that part of the iPod appeal and mystic? No device can be all things to all people. Personally, I doubt that I’ll use the photo part much, but I’ve been waiting for the 60GB for my whole music collection.

    By the way�where are Real, Creative, Rio, MS, xyz and everybody else? Aren’t they losing market share this very minute.

  5. weren’t u guys complaining that microsofts PMC is a POS?

    and whats this? iPod photo. its the same price too. but the pmc can do video which i don’t care about.

    but still. look at u guys.

  6. disappointing…I’ve got to disagree with you on most of your comments.

    1st…don’t dis Brother Ray! Tho’ you are right. I don’t like the black and red and chrome and white.

    But mainly… Don’t bundle AM/FM with the iPod! How many blackouts like last summer has there been that you need your iPod as a life-line?

    AM/FM radio sucks. That’s why iPods are such a hit. You get all your music without hearing the crap. If you love radio use the add-on or get a cheap radio.

    And video on the iPod?! Why? Who wants to see video on such a small screen. If you want a device that you can see video and play your tunes on get a powerbook.

    All these extra things would probably make the iPod heavier, eat up battery life, and more complicated to use. K.I.S.S.

    Why make the iPod some bloated thing that does a little of everything badly instead of one thing immaculately?

  7. Bloody hell!

    Am I gutted or what – I only bought my 40gb 4g ipod 3 weeks ago!!

    Ah well – I’l have to wait for the 5g ipod with wireless connectivity and video playback…

    Go move though APPLE! – moving the ipod range forward: Ipod mini. ipod and now ipod photo… what about an ‘ipod micro’ priced at �79 and can hold 1000 songs (for the bottom end flash based market or the ‘ipod video’ with 100gb hard drive, wireless and bluetooth av in and out ports!)

  8. Can you hook-up a digital camera directly to the new iPod? It would be a nice off-loading storage unit for professional photographers. If not, Apple was not thinking too clearly.

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