Merrill Lynch: Apple ‘likely to intro two new iPod offshoots in first half 2005’

“Merrill Lynch said Apple Computer will likely introduce two new offshoots of its popular iPod MP3 player by the first half of 2005. ‘We believe Apple could introduce a flash memory-based iPod in the first quarter of 2005,’ it said. ‘The new iPod would signal a departure from the thinking that an iPod should hold all a person’s songs. We estimate that Apple might be able to charge $149 for a 256 MB (60 song) unit. We think Apple could quickly become a significant player in the fragmented $2.6 billion flash MP3 market,'” Forbes reports.

“The research firm said iPod sales (2 million units) comprised 23% of total revenue last quarter. ‘We look for 2.7 million to be sold during the Christmas quarter, a potentially conservative estimate given that Hewlett-Packard only took 120,000 units last quarter and component provider Synaptics expressed a strong outlook.’ In addition, Merrill Lynch said a photo iPod may be released in the near future. ‘Since iPods are already being used as portable hard drives (HDDs) for files, we believe a Photo iPod is likely to be announced, perhaps in the first half of next year,’ the firm said,” Forbes reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: More bad news for Microsoft and their quest to litter the world’s hard drives with Windows Media Audio files. Oh, happy day!


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  2. [If I may offer a rewrite…]


    Bomber shoots out from behind a logo adorned curtain, (stage right).

    He runs around like a ‘roid raging maniac – to music his non-ipod-owning son would hate.

    He circles the stage a few times bellowing – till he’s spent, then staggers to the microphone.

    Bomber: Waaaahhooooo…(cough, cough) …huuue-uhhhh!

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  3. No way would Apple sell 256 MB flash based iPods. Steve said with the introduction of the mini that he believes that 4 GB is what it takes to bring your music library with you. Bringing your music library with you – or at least a big chunk of it – is what the iPod is all about. No way would Apple compromise on this fundamental idea of the iPod.

    I’m thinking of the possibility of Apple introducing a 4 GB flash based iPod mini. Can Apple do that for $249? Probably not. If only, then I will buy that mini in a heartbeat.

  4. JF.. right.. they can work hard to cut costs and bring prices down accross the board.. but don’t expect the definition of the ipod to change to (cool I’ve got 70 songs on here..)

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