Good Housekeeping: Apple’s iPod mini ‘the pick of the new MP3 players’

“Portable music and video devices have made it easy to carry concerts and movies around with you. The Good Housekeeping Institute engineers tested out a variety of portable players to see what’s right for you,” Good Housekeeping TV reports.

“For music on the move, the Apple iPod Mini ( $249; 800-692-7753; [url=][/url] ) was the pick of the new MP3 players. It had the best sound and an easy-to-navigate menu, plus it holds about 1,000 songs you can download from CDs or your computer,” GHTV reports.

GHTV has online video of their full report. You get to experience the pristine buffering of Real (.ram) and, if you’re especially lucky, sit through a :30 Windows Media Player 10 ad. So, fire up that RealPlayer and get ready to see Apple’s iPod mini put through its paces here.


  1. I’ll admit it, i was an ipod mini naysayer. I thought it was too expensive and that it would kill regualr ipod sales. obviously i was wrong. and now good housekeeping is throwing it in my face. uncool, GHTV, very uncool.

  2. Well if GH says its the best who could possibly question their tech pronouncement.

    Seriously, if GH are reviewing the iPod it must be as mainstream as the Walkman once was

  3. My wife told me that months ago Oprah gave everyone in the audience an iPod during a show where she showcased products that she thought were top notch. That was the day I decided that Oprah’s OK.

  4. I am not sure if Oprah owns an iPod, but her staff does use Macs extensively at the studio and in her offices. I’d be very shocked if she didn’t use an iPod when she jogs and works-out.

  5. It’s about time someone mentioned in an article that you can download songs from your CD’s!
    It’s probably the most common way people put music on their iPods and the one that is almost always ignored by stories.

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